False Eyelashes and Tools

Zero basic makeup, know makeup products: false eyelashes

If you haven’t applied false eyelashes yet, you haven’t experienced the amazing change it brings to your eyes – instantly make your eyes bigger and brighter! If you have no idea about false eyelashes, or you have already started to learn but can’t get the hang of it, then this false eyelash introduction tutorial will definitely make you an eyelash expert!

First of all, the false eyelashes must be selected to suit your eye shape in order to successfully enlarge your eyes. The easiest way to choose: determine the length of the false eyelashes according to the width of your double eyelid, that is to say, the wider the eyelid, the longer the false eyelashes can be, so that the double eyelid can be visually enlarged, thereby increasing the tension of the eyes. Effect.

Secondly, choose the false eyelashes with black cotton thread at the stem, which has the effect of lengthening the eyes, and then cooperate with the upper and lower eyeliners to integrate the eyelashes and eyeliners, and correct the imperfect eye shape by mixing the fake with the real. Moreover, false eyelashes can cover the shadow and dullness of the upper eyelid and improve the three-dimensional effect of the eye.

Finally, false eyelashes can solve the problems of sparse, soft and difficult to set eyelashes. The shape of the eyelashes opening up can make you look like a Barbie doll immediately. After the length, size and shape of the eyes are changed, the proportion of facial features will be different. .

Makeup tools needed Eyelash curler, small scissors, tweezers, false eyelash glue


The highest level of wearing false eyelashes is to use false eyelashes, so the key point of preparation is to make the curvature of your eyelashes and false eyelashes consistent, which can be done with an eyelash curler.

1 Using a 3-stage clip method, use the eyelash curler to start from the root of the eyelashes and clip to the end of the eyelashes to ensure that the entire eyelashes are clipped. Be careful not to clip too much at the root, which will make the false eyelashes not sticky.

2 Do not apply mascara on your own eyelashes, just curl them up.

3 The new false eyelashes will have a small amount of adhesive residue, which should be removed with tweezers.

Local sticking method:

The entire false eyelashes are not easy to control during operation, and partial sticking can avoid the problem of the two ends of the entire eyelashes being raised.

1 Cut the false eyelashes about 4 to 5 mm in length. The part near the end of the eye can be cut a little longer, and the part of the eye is a little shorter, which is convenient for operation.

2 Use flat tweezers to clamp the upper part of the false eyelashes, the direction of the tweezers is parallel to the root of the false eyelashes, and lightly brush a layer of glue, do not brush too much.

3 Apply the glue and wait for a few seconds, when the viscosity is the largest.

4 Start from the end of the eye, about 1 to 2 mm away from the corner of the eye, and start sticking. Take the tweezers with your thumb up, aim at the position, and gently push the eyelashes inward. After a few seconds, the eyelashes will stick firmly.

5 Stick the remaining false eyelashes in the last section towards the eye, no need to apply mascara.

The whole sticking method:

The closer the false eyelashes are to your real eyelashes, the more realistic they will look. Let the false eyelashes stick to the junction of the eyelid and the eyelashes.

1. Measure the length of the false eyelashes first. The inner side of the false eyelashes is aligned with the inner corner of the eye 3-4 mm back. It is not necessary to cover the inner corner of the eye. The whole is slightly longer than your own eyes, and the excess is cut off.

2 Pinch the two ends of the false eyelashes and push them inwards to make them bend properly and increase the curvature to better fit the eye shape.

3 Use tweezers to pick up the whole pair of false eyelashes, find the center point of the eye and stick the false eyelashes on, first glue the end of the eye close to the root of the eyelashes, and finally press the inner corner of the eye.

4 Gently push the lashes inward with your fingers to fit snugly.

5 Use a black eyeliner to draw the connection of the false eyelashes, thus completing the steps of attaching the false eyelashes.