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Why choose a semi-permanent varnish?

Thanks to the semi-permanent varnish, you can have perfect hand beauty for 2 or even 3 weeks. This manicure technique makes your nails perfectly lacquered and without scales. Today, your nail supply expert Maryton will explain why choose a semi-permanent varnish to you.

The semi-permanent varnish has many advantages compared to a classic varnish:

  • It allows you to have a perfect manicure with a long-lasting hold. It can go from 2 to 3 weeks.
  • It dries quickly in just 30 seconds in an LED lamp and 2minutes in the case of a UV lamp.
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  • It shines from the first layer. In fact, the application of a top coat also reinforces the gloss of the varnish.
  • Once the installation of the semi-permanent varnish is finished, it gains in solidity. The varnish is no longer likely to flake off or be damaged.

OK! You have know the difference between classic varnish and semi-permanent varnish! In addition, you also need a gentle manicure set to take care of your nails on a daily basis.

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