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What varnish to use to achieve a French manicure?

The most common is the classic French manicure, which consists of a clear varnish and a white varnish for the ends of the nails. As this manicure technique has been revisited many times, everyone can now choose the colors that suit them. Today, we will tell you what varnish to use to achieve a French manicure. Let’s go around!

The choice of the two nail polishes to achieve the French manicure must be done with discernment. For the white tone, it is advisable to opt for a matte model. For the second varnish, pastel shades are preferred in order to emphasize the naturally pink color of the nails.

In fact, the ideal would be to choose the tones according to your complexion. If you have dark skin, pale pink is perfect. As for white skin, prefer pale pink or beige. If you have dark skin, beige and gold will do just fine.

For the base varnish, it is generally transparent. When you choose a base, you must opt for products enriched with active ingredients, which strengthen, protect and nourish the nails. A base containing silicon is also recommended, because it will stimulate the production of keratin. The ideal base also contains vegetable oils, vitamins and mineral salts.

The varnish protector, also called top coat. This product plays two roles: to give a shiny or mattifying effect depending on the desired finish and to ensure better hold for the French manicure. The top coat is in gel form. But there are also glitter top coats or with a confetti effect.

In addition, you also need a gentle manicure kit to take care of your nails on a daily basis.

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