Beauty Equipment

What types of beauty instruments are there? How to choose a beauty instrument?


Who doesn’t want to age a little bit slower, a little bit slower, if they can. Although aging means experience, experience and inner strength, it also means that collagen is continuously lost, and the skin condition is not as good as before. Under the accumulation of factors such as stress, ultraviolet rays, bad living habits, etc., you may also find more or less: fine lines at the corners of the eyes, dull skin, decreased elasticity, and enlarged pores. What should I do? In addition to good sun protection, there are more and more home beauty instruments that assist skin management in modern times, bringing us the dawn of hope. So what types of beauty instruments are there? How to choose a beauty instrument?

What types of beauty instruments are there?

1. Cleaning beauty instrument: It should be an entry-level beauty instrument that everyone is familiar with, including but not limited to face washers and blackhead cleaners. Most of these beauty instruments use the characteristics of high-frequency vibration and strong penetration of ultrasonic waves to shake out the dirt in the deep layers of the skin to achieve deep cleaning.

2. Export and import beauty instrument: This kind of beauty instrument uses the physical penetration of electric current, import can better penetrate skin care products into the skin, and export will clean up the dirt in the skin.

3. Face-lifting and edema-removing beauty instruments: the most representative is micro-current. The principle of micro-current is to conduct current that is so small that you cannot feel it to the skin, which can promote blood and lymph circulation, improve cell activity, and speed up collagen. protein production, etc.

4. Firming and lifting beauty instrument: let the radio frequency current directly reach the dermis layer of the skin, heat the collagen tissue and cells to shrink them, promote the production of new collagen, and have the effect of firming the skin and lifting the face.

5. Anti-acne and whitening beauty instrument: Use LED light to illuminate the skin. After the light of a specific wavelength is absorbed by the skin, it will be converted into energy by cells, thereby promoting circulation and collagen production.

How to choose a beauty instrument?

The premise of using the home radio frequency beauty instrument is to choose the one that suits you and stick to it. Specifically, how to choose and how to stick to it? Expert advice: When buying, consider both effectiveness and convenience.

1. Reliability is the premise of safe use

1. Whether the product has a temperature control design

It can effectively avoid the risk of scalding the skin on the face and ensure reliable use. It is very friendly to those who use it for the first time and those who like to use it while watching dramas.

2. Whether the product has adverse reactions to inform

For special groups, such as pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, people with sensitive skin or certain skin diseases, it should be reminded that it should not be used.

2. Effectiveness is the key to testing the effect

1. Does the brand have clinical efficacy tests?

Products with proven efficacy are clinically tested and have reports issued by authoritative agencies to demonstrate their effectiveness when used.

2. Whether the product has a dermis layer] improved data

Since the main principle of radiofrequency technology is to stimulate the contraction and generation of collagen fibers in the dermis layer, so as to achieve the effect of firming the skin and diluting wrinkles, the data on the change of the dermis layer is very important.

3. Convenience is an important part of insisting on using

1. Short use time

It generally means that the energy and frequency of the beauty instrument are higher, and the effect is better. In addition, the energy of the home beauty instrument is not as strong as that of medical beauty, and the use time is short, which can help everyone to stick to it better.

2. Wireless Design

Wireless means easy to operate, easy to use and carry for beauty treatments anytime, anywhere.

Skin firming is all about prevention, so it can be used regardless of your skin’s ageing condition. With a beauty instrument, you can be more effective in the process of skin management.