Body Art

What knowledge do you need before getting a tattoo?

In recent years, many people have all kinds of tattoos

Tattoos that used to be the exclusive sign of street gangsters and illiterate people

Now it has become one of the fashionable ways for people to express themselves.

The content of tattoos is no longer the shoulder-length dragon and the downhill tiger.

From stylization and aesthetics, to personal symbols and psychological needs

There have been many different manifestations of tattoos

Maybe you are thinking of getting a tattoo

But before you walk into a tattoo parlor and get ready to take off your clothes and start getting a tattoo

You should understand first, what to prepare or think about next

1 Safe tattoo, especially important

Tattoos look much cooler than scars and wounds

But new tattoos are still a wound

Indistinguishable from all kinds of cuts, scratches, stab wounds and other wounds on the skin

There is also a risk of infection and disease

So you have to make sure of a few things

Plan in case your tattoo gets infected

where you can get help and recovery

Infections include excessive redness and tenderness around the tattoo

Persistent bleeding, pus, or discoloration of the skin around the tattoo, etc.

Of course, all regular tattoo parlors will use

Disposable Single Use Tattoo Supplies

Most of the tattoo operation rooms will also be relatively sterile.

The above issues need attention

But don’t worry too much

If you have heart disease, diabetes, etc.

It will be difficult to recover after a tattoo, causing unnecessary trouble

Or you have an infection, a skin disease, an infectious disease

Tattoos are closely related to the skin

If you must get a tattoo, please be prepared for the bad effect of the tattoo

Or you have a scar constitution, metal allergy

and during women’s menstrual period, pregnancy, and breastfeeding

Scar constitution can lead to hyperplasia, and some colored pigments can cause metal allergy

Women’s physiological period, pregnancy, lactation period will have a strong decline in immunity

In the above cases, it is best not to tattoo

If you are allergic to metals, but want to get a tattoo

Please try to choose black and gray tattoos

Most black pigments are plant-based and contain no metal components

Under the age of 18, without a guardian

Most shops usually do not accept tattoos

2 Want to know what content or pattern you want to tattoo

The tattoo artist will customize the subject, style, etc. you want

Give you some advice and planning

But whether these are suitable for you, only you know

Think about what you want to say

Because your tattoo will stay with you forever

(Of course, there are a lot of tattoos covering and cleaning now, but they are very troublesome)

3 Make a draft of your own tattoo

Your draft doesn’t have to be perfect, tattooists are artists too

if you can give a good idea

Your tattoo artist will be able to express it well

Or you can also find some favorite tattoo pictures for reference

But don’t get the same tattoo

It’s embarrassing to bump into shirts, let alone bump into tattoos.

4 Find the spot on your body where you want to get a tattoo

and make sure this place is suitable for tattoos

5 Find a tattoo artist you like and trust

If you like tattoos on a friend

Then the tattoo artist he recommended must be very good

or find it online

Is there a tattoo artist who is good at the tattoo style you want

Tattoo artists are generally available on various social media

Publish your own work

6 Choose a tattoo parlor

Make sure the tattoo parlor is clean, hygienic and safe

Confirm that all tools and supplies that come into direct contact with the skin are disposable

(Including needles, gloves, masks, etc., very important)

Regular tattoo parlors usually take pride in their cleanliness

Don’t be afraid to spend time and energy in the store to consult and communicate

To make sure your tattoo has the effect you want

The time spent on transportation and communication is especially worth it

7 Stay away from informal tattoo parlors

If the tattoo parlor doesn’t look clean

If a lot of things look cluttered

If you feel a lot of discomfort

Then find another better tattoo parlor

8 Communicate with the chosen tattoo artist

Tell your tattoo artist all about your tattoo

What to tattoo, where to tattoo, how big

Show your tattoo artist a good reference

Communication pattern creation ideas, styles, details, etc.

9 Confirm the price time, and deliver the deposit

After confirming the position and size of the tattoo pattern

Basically you can confirm the approximate price of this tattoo

There will be some discrepancies, but not too much

unless you know each other very well

Most tattoo parlors will require you to pay a deposit

Usually about 20%~50% of the original price of the pattern

The deposit will best cover the total price of your tattoo

Of course you’re not tattooed here in the end

The deposit is usually not refunded to you

After all, I have done a lot of work for your tattoo design.

Last confirmation time

Including the time of drawing, the time of modification, and the time of finalization

and tattoo time

Some tattoo parlors will ask you to sign a tattoo agreement

The content of the agreement is usually to inform the tattoo risks and disclaimers

10 Wait patiently for your pattern to finish

Tattoo artist confirms client wants tattoo

To start drawing the manuscript, and then to the final drawing and confirming the manuscript

It may take a lot more time than you think

Creativity, graphics, color matching, lighting, upper body effects, and more

So in order for your pattern to meet the requirements of the tattoo artist for yourself

Please give him a little more patience and time

Of course, if you can’t wait, you can still urge him

11 Confirm that the pattern to be tattooed is accurate

Especially textual tattoos

Make sure every word is accurate

This will stay in your skin forever

If there is any place, any small place, that you don’t like

Be sure to let your tattoo artist know

You don’t need to feel any embarrassment about it

Just tell your tattoo artist

I don’t like it here, I might need more/less something

The tattoo artist does not get upset or insist on personal opinion

After all, he’s trying to understand more of what you’re thinking

And if the understanding is not accurate, Ta knows how to adjust

If the tattoo artist shows resistance, or is angry

or argue about the changes you wish to make

You need to listen to and consider the professional opinion of Ta

After all, a tattoo artist’s specialty is tattooing

Of course, if it makes no sense

Then you can thank Ta and change to another tattoo artist or tattoo parlor

You are the one who will wear this pattern forever

If the tattoo artist can’t get your tattoo to look the way you want it

Ta may not be right for you

12 Preparations before going to the tattoo parlor

Prepare skins 12 hours in advance

Contains hair removal from tattoo area

And remove the epidermal keratinous tissue of the tattoo site

(wash with soap)

Be sure not to scratch the skin at the tattoo site

If it is not convenient for you to do this work

Please inform your tattoo artist in advance

Must be the night before tattoo

Avoid alcohol, staying up late and strenuous exercise

Make sure your body is fully rested and relaxed

Be sure to eat well before tattooing to ensure physical strength

(It also consumes stamina when being tattooed)

You can bring your family and friends to accompany you to get a tattoo

In order to ensure the working environment of the tattoo artist

Preferably no more than two people

And most importantly: do not bring pets and children

Bring your iPad, phone or ebook and your charger

or something else that distracts you

Wear loose, tattoo-friendly clothing

Bring your good mood and get a tattoo

13 Preparations for the tattoo to start

The tattoo artist will first self-clean and disinfect

Then put on a clean new set of disposable gear

The part of your body that is about to be tattooed will also be cleaned and disinfected

The tattoo artist will transfer the image to be tattooed on your body

And confirm the final position and size of the tattoo pattern

The tattoo artist will take it out in front of you

Disposable items for your personal use only

Including tattoo equipment, needles, pigments, ointments, special tissues, etc.

Non-disposable items will be disinfected in front of you

Finally assemble, prepare and adjust all the tattoo supplies needed

Of course, every tattoo artist has his own set of operating habits

The process may be slightly different

14 Try to relax as much as possible during tattooing

You may be nervous about getting your first tattoo

But please calm down and keep the tattoo area steady

The tattoo artist will try to make the tattoo process not too painful

You can take out the phone, iPad, etc. you have prepared before

Or listen to a song, watch a show, or chat with a tattoo artist

Make sure you do everything the tattoo artist says

Such as moving, adjusting posture, etc.

You need to stay awake as much as possible during the tattooing process

If there is any discomfort

Be sure to communicate with the tattoo artist in time

Try not to use anesthesia, it will affect the tattoo effect

15 A final look at the end

Check it out after the tattoo

Is there anything you feel dissatisfied with?

if needed

The tattoo artist will also be happy to help you with some adjustments

Most tattoo parlors will take a photo for you as a record of your work

At this time, you can also take a selfie with the camera for a while.

But please be sure to protect your privacy when publishing your work

(The place where the code should be marked must be marked, you know)

16 Take Care of Your Tattoos

60% tattoo + 40% recovery = a good tattoo

The tattoo artist will bandage you and tell you how to recover

Be sure to listen carefully to the recovery method that the tattoo artist tells you

This ensures a healthy recovery of the tattoo

Also keep in mind if you see any signs of infection

such as pain, spreading redness, swelling or pus

Please see a doctor or your tattoo artist immediately, this is very important