Bath Products

What is the order in which the bath oil and scrub should be used?

Those who are heavily dependent on bath products are furious.

I have always attached great importance to the cleaning and maintenance of the body and skin. I have used hundreds of bath products, but there are dozens of them. If you want to correctly understand the order of use of bath oils and scrubs, you must first know their respective characteristics.

^Bath Oil^

Using oil as the base, the cleaning power and moisturizing degree are generally good. People who usually feel dry and tight skin with shower gel can try bath oil. Moreover, it is said that it is oil, in fact, the upper body is not greasy at all, and it is emulsified with water. It is completely OK to remove sunscreen on the body in summer. Compared with shower gels, bath oils tend to be more natural and gentle, and their skin nourishing ability is better, but the lathering ability is slightly weaker.


The uniform and fine particles contained in the paste are used to remove dirt from the deep layers of the skin, exfoliate dead skin cells, and make the skin more delicate and firm. Generally speaking, the particles added to the scrub are synthetic, nut shell powder and sea salt. Among them, the nut shell powder particles and sea salt are often milder and not easy to scratch the skin, while the synthetic particles are rough and not smooth. More likely, and more likely to cause damage to the skin.

^^The order of use^^

The main purpose of the scrub is for deep cleaning and exfoliation. It should be used after the bath oil. Let the bath oil first open the pores and remove the sweat and dust and dirt on the surface of the skin, so that the scrub can better exfoliate. , and will not bring the dirt on the skin surface to the pores and deep skin. And use the bath oil before the scrub, in fact, it also puts a protective film on the skin in disguise, so that the skin feels milder when using the scrub.

To sum up, the correct order of use is: first use the bath oil, then use the scrub.

^^Frequency of use^^

Bath oil can be used every day, but scrubs can only be used once or twice a week. If you use it every day, the stratum corneum may be damaged, and then the skin is prone to various problems, which is not worth the loss.

If you want your skin to become smooth and tender, choose some well-known body care products, stick to it in the correct way, and your skin condition will change visible to the naked eye! Based on my experience over the years, L’Occitane, Jo Malone and Diptyque’s bath oils & scrubs are actually pretty good.

L’Occitane’s Sweet Almond Firming Bath Oil & Scrub should be regarded as my true love during this period. Calling Sweet Almond! ! ! How can the moisturizing and firming ability of the skin be so great? After every use, the skin is elastic, and it feels super moisturizing, not slippery and dry. And because the natural skin nourishing ingredients in this bath oil are as high as 81%, it is mild to use and feels very good. Every time you use the foaming net, you can easily make fine foam, and match it with the same series of sweet almond shell scrubs. Can you do a SPA to your skin at home? The scrub particles of this scrub are mainly sweet almond shells and sweet almond seed particles, rich in fiber, and very gentle while exfoliating! ! Skin doesn’t feel tight after washing

Cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating are all done well, and the stubborn chicken skin on my elbows is almost gone. I am super happy.


The characteristic of Zu Malone bath oil is that the fragrance is very rich, citrus fragrance, floral fragrance, herbal fragrance, basically all types are available, and the cleaning ability is also good, but it does not foam very much. The walnut shell particles in the scrub are slightly larger. People with sensitive skin may not be used to it~


Diptyque gives people the feeling that the smell is better. After taking a bath with its bath oil, the whole person is fragrant and the moisturizing degree is OK, but the texture of the bath oil is a little thin, and you have to press several pumps each time. It will be faster to use. The particles of the scrub are small and the texture is very gentle, but the skin will feel a little tight after use. It may be better to use a body lotion for dry skin after use!

I hope everyone can find their true love bath oil & scrub, and practice white and tender creamy skin as soon as possible.