Beauty Equipment

What equipment does a beauty salon need?

Beauty salons, like most beauty shops, need to provide various hardware facilities, which are all necessary. However, beauty salons are different from other industries and require some special equipment. There are grades of beauty salons, high, medium and low grades have different equipment requirements. As a mid-to-high-end beauty equipment manufacturer, My Laibao tells you what equipment is needed to open a beauty salon?

Why is the small bubble beauty instrument the first choice for skin management studios? I think it is inseparable from its super good effect. The small bubbles have a unique one-out-one-sucking principle, allowing water molecules to be deeply cleaned in the probe. At the same time, the dirty water after cleaning can discharge the dirty water and dirt into the dirty water bottle of the instrument during the adsorption function. This is why the cleaning and hydrating effect of small bubbles is good. With the special solution for the instrument, it can effectively soften At the same time, the powerful suction can suck the cutin of the blackheads out of the skin softly, so that it can replenish water and minimize the damage to the skin.

The small bubbles in the magic box use the combination of ultra-fine bubbles and negative pressure, which can penetrate oxygen and nutrients from the epidermis to the dermis by spraying. The oil and cosmetic residues in the pores, on the other hand, establish a nutrient bank for the skin, so that the skin can maintain long-term moisture and elasticity.

It can decompose pure water into hydroxide ions and increase the oxygen content in pure water. Hydroxide ion water is weakly alkaline and easily absorbed by the human body. With the water and oxygen cleaning handle, it can completely remove the deep dirt in the pores and make the skin transparent. luster. Skin detection and analysis instrument beauty instrument skin detector can deeply analyze pigment, spots, wrinkles, texture, oil analysis, vasodilation, pores, ultraviolet pigmentation, skin age, etc.; similar to a skin housekeeper, it allows us to clearly detect the existence of our skin various problems. The results detected by the smart skin detector have a lot to do with the instrument itself. If the detector has a low pixel count and the picture taken is worse than the picture taken with my mobile phone, then I suggest changing to a skin detector.

Meilai Baoyun Mirror Skin Detector adopts modern scientific AI intelligent image detection technology, through spectral analysis function technology and comprehensive testing through 28 million pixel high-definition camera, to diagnose skin + major problems, for skin pores, acne, wrinkles, pigment, Accurately analyzes the face recognition in terms of keratin, skin moisture, oil, elasticity, skin tone and sensitivity, accurately displays the skin condition in all directions, and intelligently analyzes and finds a suitable skin care plan. After 28 million pixel high-definition shooting, it forms 5 kinds of spectral deep analysis through different combinations, which can test texture, pigmentation, skin sensitivity and wrinkle analysis. It can detect the skin spots, pores, wrinkles, oil, ultraviolet rays or sunlight, etc. of the customer’s skin that cause different degrees of damage to the skin. The water light meter is a relatively mainstream instrument in beauty salons. Its main function is to inject the beauty nutrient solution into the skin through the instrument. At present, there are obvious differences between the high-pressure water light meter on the market and the traditional water light meter. Yes, the traditional water light meter is injection-shaped, and it is rarely produced in China at present. At present, the advantage of the high-pressure jet water light meter is that through the patented high-pressure jet technology, various nutrients are injected into the dermis layer of the skin in a non-invasive way at a speed of 450 meters per second and high pressure, and fixed-point positioning and layering under the dermis layer. , Quantitative injection, establishment of nutrient warehouse, thickening of dermal collagen layer, tighter connection between epidermis and dermis, and non-invasive transdermal hydration to repair the skin.

The water beauty instrument is a beauty instrument that replenishes high-end nutrition to the deep layers of the skin. Through the patented high-pressure jet technology, various nutrients are injected into the dermis of the skin in a non-invasive jet at a speed of 450 meters per second and high pressure. The high-speed jet is introduced into the dermis layer to generate high-oxygen water ion cells, and the high-frequency atomization vibration opens millions of channels in the epidermis of several square millimeters without damaging the skin epidermis, allowing the active ingredients of the nutrient solution to effectively penetrate into the skin. To stimulate collagen proliferation and cell regeneration, repair aging cells. So as to reduce wrinkles, fade scars and stretch marks, whiten skin, reduce pigmentation, improve eye wrinkles, dark circles, tighten and enhance facial skin tissue and other effects. The direct cause of acne is that excessive oil secretion and abnormal keratin metabolism lead to clogging of pores. These two conditions provide a good anaerobic hotbed and fatty acid for acne bacterium, which accelerates reproduction and causes inflammation. The sebaceous gland is an important gland in the human skin. It exists in the dermis layer and is connected to the outside world through the secretory part and the duct part.

The biggest feature of the sebaceous glands is the secretion of sebum, and these sebum are sometimes a mixture, and there are a variety of lipids, the main components are triglycerides, esterified cholesterol, fatty acids, phospholipids and so on. Excessive secretion of sebum and keratin blocks the pores, which is the main cause of acne.

ACACIA Acne Remover is mainly used for the early prevention and treatment of acne. It is designed with a fine insulating RF system, which does not cause burns to the epidermis, and only transmits high-frequency energy to the sebaceous glands. It is a safe and effective treatment device. My Laibao acne remover is based on the sterilization principle of light. After the current is turned on, the acne remover emits high-precision blue light with a wavelength of 465-470nm combined with BIO microcurrent, which can effectively remove acne and acne. External laser therapy will not Leaves scars and hyperpigmentation, can repair skin, functionally shrink pores. Hair removal and beauty instrument hair removal has always been a popular beauty item for beauty institutions, especially during the spring and summer, there will be more and more beauty seekers for hair removal. There are many traditional hair removal methods, but the pain is strong and easy to repeat. Hair removal people add to the burden.

Four-in-one hair removal device The four-in-one hair removal device can not only painlessly remove excess hair on the lips, armpits, limbs, etc.; it can also remove various pigments such as freckles, chloasma, age spots, and sunburn; achieve whitening and yellowing, Shrink pores, remove blackheads; remove wrinkles, face lift, face lift. The beauty instrument to improve dark circles and eye bags is emotionally unstable, fatigued, lack of rest, lack of sleep slows down blood circulation, and the accumulation of melanin around the eyes slowly forms panda eyes – dark circles. Most people with dark circles are mainly due to lack of rest, resulting in poor blood circulation in the eyes, increased oxygen consumption, and blockage around the eyes to slowly form dark circles. And often can’t go to bed early, can’t supplement sleep in time, which further leads to aggravation of dark circles, so there are beauty instruments that can improve dark circles on the market.

The Italian Medusa Magic Eye Apparatus is a beauty instrument for eye and facial skin problems. It adopts BIO micro-electricity, RF radio frequency technology, high-frequency vibration to deeply introduce nutrients, tighten collagen fibers, penetrate the surface layer, penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue, heat the dermis layer, and stimulate collagen regeneration. The principle of high-frequency vibration promotes circulation and muscle movement around the eyes, and the unique single-ball massage design allows the essence to penetrate the dermis layer, deeply nourish the eye skin, and make the eye skin bright and full.