Bath Products

What convenient and practical bathroom and bath products do you highly recommend?

When it comes to bathroom supplies, there are bath artifacts that must be recommended to everyone:

1. Long handle shower brush

Even a thin man with long hands and feet will face a century-old problem, that is, every time he takes a bath, he does everything he can, and his hands cannot reach the center of the back. If the skin is not adequately cleaned, the consequences will be a series of skin problems such as mites, acne, acne, folliculitis and so on. This brush brushes on one side of the bath ball and the other side of the body. There is no part you can’t brush on the back of your body. Using it to wash your back is particularly clean and comfortable.

2. Bath waterproof artifact

Taking a shower while watching a drama is a great thing in life, but unfortunately the phone is not waterproof! So someone invented the waterproof method of plastic bags, but the effect is not good. When you hang it on the wall, you have to be careful to prevent the water stains of the shower from spraying on the bag and affecting the viewing effect, so it is too restrained to take a shower. The waterproof plastic bag can be hung on the shower handle switch or fixed on the glass partition wall, or even embedded in the shower curtain. Simply put your phone in the clear plastic bag and enjoy it easily in the shower. Sensitive touch experience, you can operate the phone through the bag without touching the screen directly.

3. Men’s must-have shower gel

Finally, what I must recommend to you is Romano shower gel. Why do you say it is a bathing artifact? Because it is not only a bottle of shower gel, it is also a bottle of men’s perfume, and it is also an air freshener, car fragrance…

First of all, as a bottle of shower gel, it maintains the functions of shower gel (cleaning, moisturizing, refreshing, etc.), in addition, it is also a bottle of men’s perfume, like perfume, it has front, middle and back notes. The aroma is distinct, and each time period has its own unique fragrance, which is not even the perfume!

Finally, don’t throw away the empty bottle after use, put it in the bathroom or room, it can be used as an air freshener with a long-lasting fragrance; you can also put a small bottle in the car as a car perfume, which has a long-lasting fragrance and is more durable than car perfume. This is an artifact that makes you always full of masculinity. Of course, there are more uses waiting for you to discover. Have you got its use?