Fragrances and Deodorants

What are the wonderful uses of expired perfume? These tricks can quickly turn waste into treasure


The so-called perfume, in fact, is to dissolve all kinds of natural or artificial flavors into alcohol, through a certain proportion. The expiration of the perfume means that some of the alcohol stored in it is completely volatilized, so that the essential oil components are precipitated. Therefore, we have observed that some expired perfumes will become darker and darker, and spray directly on the clothes, which is prone to staining.

However, expired perfume is different from expired food. It can still be recycled. We can make full use of its fragrance and produce some unexpected magical effects.

The first is to make aromatherapy.

We can put a few drops of expired perfume into the aromatherapy lamp, and with the aromatherapy lamp play a role, let the perfume slowly volatilize into the air, so that the room can maintain a lasting fragrance and achieve the purpose of meditation.

The second is to make fragrances or deodorants.

We can prepare a small spray bottle, fill the right amount of water, and then drop a few drops of selected perfumes that have expired. After mixing evenly, it can be sprayed arbitrarily indoors to achieve the purpose of beautifying the living environment.

In addition, we can also spray properly in places such as toilets that are prone to various odors. Of course, when cleaning the toilet, directly add some perfume to the deodorant, which can not only make the toilet clean, but also effectively remove the odor.

Third, use it when doing laundry.

Although the expired perfume may appear discolored when it comes into contact with clothes directly, but in the process of washing clothes, because we will add a lot of water, which can greatly suppress his influence, so we can use this with confidence. way to make your clothes more fragrant.

Just need to pay attention to the dosage, only a few drops are enough. It is recommended that you do not use this method during the cleaning process of underwear.

Fourth, make dry flowers more fragrant.

Sometimes we choose some decorative dry flowers to decorate the space, they will not wither after a period of time like fresh flowers, and can always remain in a bright state. On top of such decorations, we can add a few drops of perfume to make life more interesting.

Fifth, make portable incense.

We can spray a little of the expired perfume on the incense paper, and then put them in the bag or wallet, of course, it is also possible to put it in the tissue packaging. If the perfume has not expired, I believe everyone is reluctant to waste it like this. However, for products that have expired, we can make full use of them to delight our body and mind.

Sixth, help clean leather bags or wooden furniture.

For some log furniture, when we clean it, we cannot directly clean it with water. Therefore, you can use perfumes containing certain essential oils to better nourish these wooden furniture. They can dissolve grease, even if a lot of oily stains have dripped on the furniture, we can also clean it with a rag after dripping the perfume, and the effect is very good.

In addition, when the leather bag is maintained, we can also use this method. Gentle wiping can make the cortex brighter, and it will not damage the sebum due to too much moisture.