Beauty Equipment

What are the categories of beauty equipment commonly used in beauty salons?


Beauty equipment can be said to be an important part of the construction of beauty salons. Compared with products, the purchase of equipment also requires a large amount of money. The auxiliary role of beauty equipment is also indispensable. Good equipment can not only make beauty effects more effective, the following are some The most commonly used beauty equipment in beauty salons.

Commonly used instruments in beauty salons 1: Facial anti-aging instruments

A beauty salon is a place to create beauty and spread beauty. Many female compatriots enter a beauty salon. The first problem to be solved is our facial problems. For our facial problems, there are no more than two major parts, namely problem skin and anti-aging skin. In response to these two problems, if we still use simple methods to operate, we may not achieve very good results, so we will rely on the operation of instruments, and the most popular one in our face is facial anti-aging Facial anti-aging device can solve the problem of facial skin cleansing, and can also achieve high penetration of essence, directly to the skin’s basal layer, so that the skin has a good absorption effect; the other is the facial anti-aging device, which can pass anti-aging Relying on the product, it can quickly open our skin pores and micro cells, so that the essence can be quickly absorbed by the cells to achieve the mechanism of the face and anti-aging, because the products used in this instrument are all trace elements needed by the human body, according to customers. designed for the skin.

Commonly used instruments in beauty salons 2: Body detoxification equipment

Today’s people, most of the systems belong to the damp-cold system, which is what we call wet constitution. The main reason for this system is that the body’s cold air is relatively heavy, and it is necessary to excrete more acid, until the acid-base balance of our body is large. Yes, so for today’s beauty salons, we can add an instrument to the body, which is the body’s acid excretion instrument. The acid excretion instrument can not only eliminate the garbage toxins in the body, but also dredge our meridians, so that the northern meridians can be removed. For dredging and shoulder and neck conditioning, one instrument can be operated by three people at the same time, which saves labor to a large extent, and the penetration of the instrument is relatively large, which accelerates our metabolism, and the beautician can also save time and effort. Important The result is that customers can recover quickly, which is a manual operation that cannot be achieved manually.

Commonly used instruments in beauty salons 2: Women’s private operation instruments

Today’s society is no longer the kind of society that used to laugh at nothing. With the rapid development of society, people’s traditional concepts have also undergone tremendous changes. Today’s women have very high requirements for life. For our beauty salon, women’s care is not only facial care, but also the care of women’s private parts, because the effective maintenance of women’s private parts can make women appear younger, for women’s private care, We can test according to the needs of customers. Of course, when we do this project, we must first investigate the market. Because the concept of some places is not so advanced, we are required to introduce targeted care, but we believe that in the future, women’s private care It will definitely become the trend of the times and an indispensable part of female care.