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What are the benefits of bath salts


Bath salt baths can be more effective for body care and should be selected according to individual skin bath salts, body care, but can not have the opposite effect in other ways. Here’s how to choose bath salts and bath salts for a bubble bath, so that the whole family can get together.

Bath salt bath can be more effective for body care, hehe, but should be selected according to individual skin bath salts and body care, but it cannot have the opposite effect in other ways. Here’s how to choose bath salts and bath salts for a bubble bath, so that the whole family can get together.

It is said that European sailors were the first to discover the skin care effects of salt. Although they have been exposed to the sun the cleansing and anti-inflammatory effects of sea salt are always in time to bring their skin back to health. Inspired by this, dutch salt was transformed from the deep sea into bath salt, allowing people to use it to wash their faces and feet.

Hong Kong skincare experts have further suggested that bathing in bath salts is like a full-body massage. Because the human body is like a small power generator, and salt is a good electrolyte, soaking the body in water with a small amount of salt, the small electric field formed can stimulate the peripheral nerves in the skin, thereby promoting blood circulation and metabolism. Under the action of this electric field, the dirt on the stratum corneum and the skin is easier to fall off, which is beneficial to the cleansing and self-renewal of the skin.

Choose bath salts according to skin type

When choosing bath salts, it is best to distinguish them according to the students’ own skin type and physical problems. For example, when we choose a bath salt that contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, essential oils, etc. with different ingredients, sensitive skin should choose the type with finer particles; suitable techniques for neutral and oily skin use some containing grape oil, citrus Products with ingredients such as lemon and lemon; dry skin is most suitable for companies to choose products containing rose oil.

The natural deep sea bath salt bath salt containing a variety of trace elements has a more natural effect and can be used to wash the face, wash and lose weight. People who want to shrink pores are best to use this type.

People with acne-prone backs can wash off with a special massage weekly bath salt, but don’t use too much force; if you want to exfoliate, you can also use this type of bath salt, but it’s best to rinse with cool water behind.

The Best Bath Salts for 15-30 Minutes

The use of bath salts does not necessarily have to control the bathtub. You can put it in a cloth bag and rub your skin when you are in the sauna to replenish the salt lost due to sweating; or we can directly put it in the cloth bag and hang it on the shower head to choose a shower. ;After cleaning the face and skin with the facial cleanser, you can also mix a small amount of bath salts with a basin of water, and spend about 3 minutes to start the problem to develop again. Clean and use the face.

When taking a bath with bath salts, we generally use 70 grams for adults and 50 grams for children, and the time is best controlled within 15-30 minutes. During the bath, you can also use normal saline to massage the whole body in the order of the elbows, then the thighs, calves, and then the chest, abdomen, and back, then soak in the water for a while, and finally wash with plenty of water. Clean and apply different skin care lotions.

This soaking-and-massaging method not only removes dirt, but also continuously enhances the vitality of the student’s whole body to treat the skin.

It should be noted that bath salts and water for oily skin can be simply mixed; for dry skin, you can use half a spoon of bath salt, a spoon of water-soluble or weak oil massage cream mixed with water.. If you feel uncomfortable, just warm and ventilate place to rest. People with high blood pressure and poor heart function should not bathe for too long, the water temperature should not be too high, and the soaking water level should not exceed the chest; patients with low blood pressure should not use lavender bath salts.