Beauty Equipment

What are the beauty equipment in the beauty salon?

Hello, what are the equipment for beauty salons? In fact, there are still a lot of them. Here we mainly share the beauty equipment and equipment!

1. Anti-aging equipment

Beauty salons are the most frequent place for beauty lovers to manage their skin, and anti-aging equipment is naturally essential. In the past two years, the appearance of ultrasonic knives and carving knives has made the anti-aging programs of beauty salons more popular. Lifting facial lines, the project fees are very expensive, and the beauty salons are highly profitable. For example, the ARPWM global care device, which is currently widely used in beauty salons, works on the principle of using the current advanced 448kHz stack with 20kHz thermal activation + 33 kinds of electrical corrections, which can penetrate the dermal tissue, generate deep heat energy under the skin, and activate the skin. Self-healing system, stimulates collagen fiber network to shrink and reorganize, and skin starts to repair and regenerate cells. You can see facial lifting, fine lines disappear, skin tone brightening, pores shrinking, fat reduction and shaping, facial anti-aging, etc. effectiveness. According to the course of care and daily normal maintenance, the effect can be maintained for 3-5 years. It is a black technology in the anti-aging weapon.

2. Weight loss equipment

The advanced fat-dissolving technology on the market includes hyperthermia and radio frequency technology, which can help beauty lovers effectively reduce fat, reduce waist circumference and lose weight. Miele fat reduction instrument adopts medium and low frequency mixing technology, which can directly act on fat cells, dissolve fat, convert fat into carbon dioxide and water, and excrete it through normal metabolism. After general nursing, the local dimension can be reduced by 5 cm, and the weight can be reduced by about 3 catties. It is harmless to other tissues of the body, and there is no side effect for rapid weight loss.

Similar multi-effect instruments, such as ARPWM global care equipment, also have this effect~ but ARPWM uses the principle of skin movement to reduce fat, similar to the exercise you do, but it does not require you to move. . Fat-reducing weight loss instruments are very popular in beauty salons, because this type of weight loss equipment can be effective on the spot, with high customer satisfaction and good customer reception.

3. Professional hair removal equipment

On the basis of sufficient funds, beauty salon operators still recommend purchasing a professional hair removal device. The hair removal effect of a professional hair removal device is better than that of a single hair removal product, and the thickness, color depth, and thickness of the hair can also be controlled. 808 professional hair removal equipment, using laser semiconductor technology, can directly reach the hair follicle, accurately destroy the hair follicle, without causing damage to the skin, hair removal is painless, and after a course of treatment, the hair can no longer grow, and the hair removal effect is obvious.

4. Laser freckle removal equipment

There is a large demand for spot items, so there is still a very market for freckle removal items. Laser freckle removal instruments are more commonly used in beauty salons, and can be used to remove all kinds of stains. The best one is Honeycomb Picosecond, which can penetrate the epidermis to the dermis layer directly to the pigment mass through millisecond-level pulsed radio frequency, crush the pigment cells, and the crushed pigment is metabolized and excreted. This type of laser freckle removal does not damage the epidermis, so there will be no scars, and freckle removal is safe, fast and effective.