Beauty Equipment

What are the basic equipment necessary for beauty salons?

Skin management: professional beauty equipment can be selected according to your needs

Skin management category: Hydrogen and oxygen small bubbles all-round skin comprehensive management instrument

1. Suction pen, mainly to deeply clean pores, remove blackheads and whiteheads,

2. Water and oxygen rush, inject active oxygen into the skin, replenish water and calm.

3. Ultrasonic introduction head: use the wavelength of ultrasonic waves to introduce products to help absorb

4. Eye radio frequency: stimulate subcutaneous collagen regeneration, dilute fine lines and dark circles and bags under the eyes

5. Eye Sonic: Eye lift helps product absorption

6. Horny Spatula: Exfoliate Blackhead Face**

7. Eye electronic roller: eye lift, lighten dark circles and whiten,

8. Ion clip: Facial introduction freckle whitening

9. Ice hammer: mainly used to shrink pores, soothe and calm,

10.RF face lift and firm, promote collagen regeneration,

11. This is a must-have instrument for skin management that never goes out of style and integrates all-purpose facial cleansing.

Fourth, hair removal and skin rejuvenation: there are magneto-optical OPT, 808 laser semiconductor hair removal instrument, DPL photon hair removal instrument

1. Freezing painless hair removal, private bikini hair removal, armpit hair, lip hair, hairline, thigh hair, arm hair and other indecent hair! Whitening skin rejuvenation, freckle, acne removal

Laser eyebrow washing: non-invasive eyebrow washing machine

1. Light-sensing eyebrow washing, tattoo washing, eyeliner washing, mole removal, freckle removal, black face doll

Water and light categories: needle and needle-free

1. Effectively improve wrinkles on the face, neck and hands, targeting sensitive parts such as crow’s feet and nasolabial folds, with less irritation;

2. Whiten and rejuvenate the skin, improve dull complexion; effectively replenish the moisture required for cheeks, lips and other parts;

3. Shrink pores, increase elasticity and firm skin;

4. Sufficient hydration to make the skin moist, soft, shiny, and more youthful and transparent;

5. Lighten pigmentation and improve acne.

6. Effectively target freckles, dark circles, acne, enlarged pores and improve skin inflammation;

7. Long-term maintenance of white and supple skin

Weight loss class

1 Ultrasound Ultrasound + Ultrasound Radio Frequency.

2. Non-invasive fat-dissolving and firming integration, no anesthesia, no discomfort; BTL fat knife penetrates the six subcutaneous layers layer by layer. During the whole process of action, it can not only dissolve and metabolize fat, but also activate the regeneration of subcutaneous collagen, so that collagen Cell repair for firming. Clinically, many customers will worry that there will be unevenness or local relaxation in surgical or other types of medical and aesthetic techniques, and BTL fat knife can completely avoid these risks.

3. Temperature-controlled layered fat-dissolving technology (semiconductor cooling system) During operation, the probe has a cooling and constant temperature test, which can measure the temperature of your subcutaneous and epidermis, and operate under the energy that is absolutely acceptable to the skin to ensure safety.

4. 360-degree all-round treatment of the body. Many instruments will have dead spots in operation, and the effect of BTL fat knife can reach other parts of the body, including the chest, thighs, waist and abdomen, hands, and truly achieve 360-degree treatment without dead ends.

5. The energy of non-invasive collagen regeneration technology penetrates layer by layer, so that each layer can achieve collagen regeneration and repair, and make the skin firm.