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Top 5 trendy manicures for this fall!

Yes, it’s the end of summer! The weather is slowly getting colder, and everything is getting serious! Let’s not be so pessimistic! And then the beginning of autumn is also the beginning of a new fashion trend. So, your nail supply expert Maryton will lead you to find out the top 5 trendy manicures this fall!

Here are the top 5 manicures for you to adopt this fall:

  1. 1. Burgundy matte finish manicure

The matte finish will be the trend for this fall/winter. It brings a softer, more cocooning side that is very similar to these seasons.

  1. 2.Manicure several shades of blue

All shades of blue will be in the spotlight this season and this midnight blue will bring a glamorous touch to your nails.

  1. 3.Total look white manicure

For the most classic among us, the total look white option!

  1. 4.Nude and French Manicure

The nude manicure combined with a black French. The French manicure will remain up to date this fall!

  1. 5.Glitter manicure

A brown shade with a matte finish and a light touch of golden glitter for classy, trendy and luminous nails.

OK! You have know the top 5 manicures for this fall, so act now! Also, you need a professional manicure kit to prepare your nails.

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