False Eyelashes and Tools

Tips for using glue for eyelashes, do you understand?


What to do if glue gets in your eyes

During the grafting process, if the glue accidentally enters the customer’s eyes. This is a very serious problem. It should be rinsed with plenty of water at the first time, and if there is eyewash, rinse with eyewash. Then go to the hospital for examination, if there is no glue residue, nothing will happen. If there is glue sticking, be sure to deal with it as soon as possible.

Choice of glue

Our veteran students already have their own habits for the applicability of glue. Here we mainly explain how to choose glue for newcomers.

There are three main types of glue: quick-drying, enhanced, hypoallergenic, and odorless

Quick-drying glue:

As the name suggests, the glue setting time is very short, usually 1-2 seconds. At this time, for our new students, before putting the glued false eyelashes on the real eyelashes, the glue has already reached the time to dry. In this way, a layer of glue has been formed on the surface of the glue before contacting and pasting. This will affect the effect of our grafting, which will cause the grafted eyelashes to fall off particularly easily. Therefore, many new students complain that the glue is not easy to use. In fact, their speed is not enough, the glue is not selected correctly, and the surface of the glue is slightly solidified. cause the glue to be weak.

Strengthening glue:

The setting time of strengthening glue is relatively long, usually 3-4 seconds. This speed is more suitable for us newcomers to practice grafting. When there is enough time for us to stick the false eyelashes to the real eyelashes, the glue surface will form a colloidal layer, so that the real eyelashes and the false eyelashes are tightly wrapped together. Grafting can also last longer. The shape is also more beautiful.

Hypoallergenic glue:

The main purpose of this glue is the anti-allergic effect on allergy-prone systems. It can effectively reduce the allergic phenomenon of mild allergic constitution. Of course, the retention time of this glue grafted eyelashes is relatively short.

Odorless glue:

Odorless glue is mainly used to graft the lower eyelashes, because when the lower eyelashes are grafted, there are gaps in the eyes, which are very easy to stimulate the eyes, so we have to use odorless glue.

To sum up: as a newcomer or not particularly skilled in eyelashes, it is recommended to use a strengthening glue that dries in 3-4 seconds, so that there is enough time to graft the eyelashes.

For our veteran students, of course, choose quick-drying glue. The faster the glue dries, the more customers we can graft. Earn more petty money.

The correct way to open glue

1. Before the new glue is opened for the first time. We have to shake the glue well. Hold the glue vertically and shake it around 80-90 times. Allow the collagen layer and the dissolving layer of the glue to mix well. Every time you use it again, shake it about 40 times. Don’t shake too hard.

2. Hold the mouth of the glue bottle vertically downward, and drop the glue vertically on the glue stick. Drop a bean-sized drop of glue.

3. After dripping, squeeze the air out of the glue bottle mouth until the glue no longer overflows. Then wipe the mouth of the bottle with a clean dry cotton pad. Be sure to use dry cotton pads.

The correct use environment of glue

Veteran students should have this experience. The same glue sometimes works well and sometimes doesn’t. Sometimes it dries too slowly, sometimes it is not sticky enough. They are all commonly used glues, and it is impossible to be a quality problem.

Actually it’s not really a quality issue.

After the glue is extruded from the bottle, the humidity and temperature of the environment have a particularly great influence on it.

So what is the best use environment for glue?

Temperature: The best use temperature is 20-25 degrees, exceeding it will cause the viscosity of the glue to decrease.

Humidity: The best use humidity is between 50%-60%. If the humidity is too high, the glue will dry too fast.

Also, don’t use it in a windy place, such as the blower of an air conditioner.

Can glue be stored in the refrigerator

Because of the hot weather this year, there are different opinions about the preservation of glue in the refrigerator. So can it be saved?

In fact, it can be saved and cannot be saved, why do you say that?

Whether the glue can be stored in the refrigerator depends on how you use the bottle of glue.

1. If you often use this bottle of glue, it is not recommended to store it in the refrigerator. Because of repeated cooling and heating, the water droplets inside the glue will condense. Gradually thicken the glue. That way the glue won’t work.

2. If you are going to no longer use this bottle of glue for a period of time. Then you can store the glue at a constant temperature of 5-10 degrees. This will prolong the life of the glue. It should be noted that before the next use, take out the glue and let it stand for more than 24 hours, so that the internal components of the glue can be fully mixed again. Shake left and right 60 times as in the case of freshly opened glue before use.