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Three things you need to know about tattoos!

1. The most important thing about tattoos is: hygiene! This is the first condition, if this is not up to standard, it may kill you. Before entering the industry, European and American tattoo artists need to take a certificate, a certificate in blood-borne disease prevention (probably called this), and then they are qualified to learn tattoos. The situation in our country is slightly different. Due to the late start, the entire market has not yet matured and standardized. However, the seniors in the industry are already working on improving this area. We have established an association to supervise each other. The regular disinfection of the studio, the regular disinfection of the tools in the high temperature box, etc. As for the use of disposable tattoo needles, color cups and other disposable consumables, it has been popular for a long time. These are the basic qualities that a qualified tattoo artist should have! Therefore, when you step into a tattoo shop to prepare for a tattoo, please pay attention to this aspect first, and you can directly ask the tattoo artist related hygiene questions. No qualified tattoo artist will refuse to answer, and even will be very happy to ask You introduce more and more detailed hygiene issues, because we like customers who are demanding of ourselves, which shows that you are serious about tattoos, which is what we hope!

ps: By the way, the pigeon blood tattoo is also called invisible tattoo. It is said that it is usually invisible. It only shows up when drinking or getting emotional. Thinking about it, it looks very awesome! First of all, a qualified tattoo shop does not provide nor recommend using pigeon blood for tattoos! There is a rejection reaction in the blood between people, not to mention the blood of different types, and does the blood of pigeons contain viruses and bacteria? If you go to a certain place to get a pigeon blood tattoo, it is equivalent to injecting a time bomb into your body. Remember not to try it! ! ! Let me tell you a real case. I once received a guest. He had a tattoo made in his early years. According to him, it was made of tiger blood. He boasted to me that this tattoo is very expensive because it is made of tiger blood. I say it’s not the price that you should brag about, but that you are alive and well.

2. Tattoos are not superstitious! The Internet is full of jingles about tattoo superstitions and taboos. I don’t know who made it up, but it is catchy and poisoned a large number of children who like tattoos but lack basic knowledge! The tattoo itself has no meaning, just like the meaning of life, the meaning is given by the bearer, which can be faith, missing, inspirational, encouragement, family, love, friendship or pure liking, but it is definitely not. Make a fortune, make a fortune in officialdom, and be able to carry it! ! If it was really possible, we would have tattooed ourselves with various banknote ATMs, where would we need to work hard day and night to create paintings.

3. About semi-permanent tattoos, I have said it in the previous post, and I will talk about it here. Without semi-permanent tattoos, a qualified tattoo artist will not do semi-permanent tattoos! Tattoos are irreversible. What we pursue is to make the pigment stay on the skin forever, and the pattern will remain as bright as ever after decades. And this semi-permanent tattoo that appeared out of nowhere is just the opposite. In my understanding, the so-called semi-permanent should mean that the tattoo technology is not solid, half of the color of the pattern is lost, and half of it is left, and finally it is a mottled pattern. This kind of semi-permanent situation may occur among new tattooists. As for the ideal state that after a few months or a year, the color is completely faded, and the skin becomes the same as before, I have never seen it before. If you have a friend who has done a semi-permanent tattoo and successfully faded, please refute it in the thread Me, let me also fully understand what semi-permanent tattoos are, thank you.