False Eyelashes and Tools

The whole process and technique essentials of grafting eyelashes are worth collecting!

In eyelash grafting, if you fail to master the basic techniques, you may make mistakes due to wrong habits and methods in actual combat. Today, I will discuss with you the basic techniques of eyelash grafting, which you can learn from.

1. How to use tweezers
Proper use of tweezers is the most basic, but also the most important.

●Two pairs of tweezers are required for operation, one for the left hand and one for the right hand (bend tweezers for false eyelashes and straight tweezers for real eyelashes).

●When using tweezers, how to hold it comfortably, as long as it is convenient to move, it is also convenient to freely adjust the strength of thumb and index finger.

●When holding tweezers, the strength of both hands should be evenly distributed. If excessive force is applied, the force is likely to be applied to the customer’s forehead or face, causing discomfort to the customer.

●Because the tip of the tweezers is very sharp, it is a dangerous tool. Be careful not to prick or touch the customer’s eyes when using it.

Second, the head mold eyelash separation method
Apply disposable false eyelashes to the head mold and practice separating eyelashes.

1. Use an eyelash comb to comb the false eyelashes neatly.

2. Use tweezers to practice separating eyelashes without touching the skin and eyeliner around the eyes.

3. Separate an eyelash at the reference point located in the middle of the eyelashes.

Tip: If 2 to 3 eyelashes are separated at the reference point, the 1:1 operation of eyelashes cannot be performed, and it is likely to irritate the eyes or cause stubborn hair removal after the operation.

The direction and angle of the tweezers

It is more convenient to use the tweezers to separate an eyelash with the tip of the tweezers. In addition, the direction of the hand and the tweezers should follow the angle of the tweezers for applying false eyelashes.

Three, true eyelash separation method
In the actual operation, the customer’s real eyelashes are separated with tweezers.

1. Use an eyelash comb to smooth out the real eyelashes.

2. Be careful not to touch the eyeliner, use tweezers in the direction and angle indicated in the head mold eyelash separation method.

3. In order to carry out the 1:1 operation of eyelashes, make sure that the false eyelashes do not overlap with the real eyelashes next to them, and grasp the direction one by one (only the direction of the tweezers to separate one real eyelashes).

4. The better you grasp the separation direction of the real eyelashes, the smoother the operation will be.

Human eyelashes are divided into 3 to 4 layers, which should be separated from the bottom layer of healthy eyelashes (only from the bottom layer of eyelashes, the eyelashes will not be deformed after surgery).

Fourth, the pulling and clipping method of false eyelashes
Using tweezers in one hand, practice pulling false eyelashes one by one.

1. After pulling out, hold it with tweezers in a diagonal direction

Use tweezers to clamp the extracted false eyelashes in a 45-degree diagonal direction.

2. Hold the false eyelashes with tweezers and pull them out to the side

Hold 2/3 of the false eyelashes with tweezers, slowly raise your hand, and pull it out towards the chest.

3. Use tweezers to clamp the false eyelashes

Although the eyelashes are cylindrical, the naked eye cannot distinguish the front and back, but the eyelashes are actually divided into front and side. During surgery, the front of the eyelashes should be clamped.

Tip: When curling the eyelashes, if you use too much force, the false eyelashes may be bent and deformed, so the force must be moderate. If the lashes are reversed or not in a diagonal line, the lashes may curl when the placement is complete.

The position and angle of false eyelashes

When clipping false eyelashes with tweezers, be sure to hold 2/3 of the false eyelashes. In addition, the direction of clipping false eyelashes is only oblique, so that the arms and hands will not be awkward, and the operation range will not become larger.

Five, the use of glue
Let’s take a look at the method of dipping false eyelashes with glue. The most important thing when using glue is: make sure the glue doesn’t run when dipping.

1. Shake the glue from side to side and pour it on the glue table.

2. Slowly move the false eyelashes into the glue on the glue table, and evenly dip in the glue.

3. In order to prevent the false eyelashes from producing drop-like glue, the glue should be evenly dipped.

4. Complete the adjustment of the amount of false eyelashes glue.

●Clip the false eyelashes with tweezers and slowly move them into the glue poured on the glue table, dip only 1/2 of the place, and then slowly pull them out.

●The glue on the false eyelashes should not be in the form of water droplets. In case of occurrence, the air bubbles should be removed before operation.

Six, the method of sticking eye stickers
In line with the curve of the eye contour, cover the lower eyelashes, and must not touch the pupil during the separation process.

1. Measure the size according to the eye curve and apply the eye patch.

2. According to the eye contour, start from the tip of the eye or the front of the eye.

3. Close your eyes, the sticker should be in line with the eyelashes curve.

Tips ▍The eye patch will not cause changes in the muscles around the eyes and the state of the real eyelashes will not change unless the eyes are closed.

wrong eye patch

●If the eyelashes are crooked after applying the eye patch, it means that the eye patch is wrong.

●If the wrong eye patch is applied, the pupil may be stimulated, and therefore, it may bring a lot of discomfort to the customer, such as tears.