False Eyelashes and Tools

The operation process of grafting eyelashes

Hello friends! , Today I will introduce to you the detailed operation process of the eyelashes artist when grafting eyelashes. I hope to be able to help you friends who are beginners in eyelashes. If you have different suggestions, you can leave a message below the text.

Step 1: Prepare for disinfection and sterilization and prepare tools!

The first thing we have to do is to disinfect and sterilize. After the customer lies down, put the towel on the customer’s forehead and cover the customer’s eyebrows! (The towel is to avoid touching the customer’s skin!) Before the actual operation, we must first disinfect our hands with disinfectant, and then disinfect the shells that need to be used!

During this period of disinfection and sterilization, I can talk to customers. First, it can improve the relationship between them. Second, it can spread some aesthetics and give customers a feeling of thoughtful service and strong professional ability!

Step 2: Clean the eyelashes and take care of them.

Clean and dry the dirt on the eyelashes to ensure that the eyelashes are neat and tidy, so as to prevent the firmness of the eyelashes from being affected.

Carefully clean each lash.

Step 3: Isolate both sides of the eyelashes

Eye stickers and tape (could be medical tape, eye patch, eye sticker) to isolate the eyelashes on both sides. In order to prevent the eyelashes from being mixed together in the case of grafting eyelashes (mixing together will cause the glue that has grafted eyelashes to stick to the ungrafted eyelashes or eyelids)

Step 4: Sort out the lashes

Use an eyelash comb or tweezers to straighten the eyelashes one by one, which is conducive to better one-to-one adhesion of false eyelashes to your own eyelashes.

Step 5: Prepare the grafted eyelashes in advance

According to the length of the customer’s eyelashes, choose suitable eyelashes of different materials and put them on the water table (it can also be a soft pad or a neat medical non-woven fabric).

The special glue for false eyelashes is glued to the original eyelashes one by one, and can match different lengths according to the inclination and length of their own eyelashes.

Step 6: Start Grafting Eyelashes

There is a little anxiety in the case of gluing eyelashes, because the pointed tool works on the eyelid, but if the customer’s eyelid is tight, it will cause inconvenience to grafting eyelashes, so let the customer relax as much as possible.

1. Shake the glue for grafting eyelashes, the purpose is to shake the minerals well.

2. Squeeze out a certain amount of glue on the glue table, take less glue each time, and take glue frequently.

3. Pinch the tail of the eyelash fiber with tweezers, probe about 2/3 of the root into the glue, and then gently drag it out.

4. Adhere the glued eyelashes to the side of the real eyelashes, 0.5–1mm away from the skin, and can not exceed 1.5mm.

5. Each false eyelash should be grafted on top of a real eyelash.

6. At least 1/3 of the length of the eyelashes itself is adhered to the false eyelashes, and it is necessary to ensure that the arc of the grafted eyelashes is consistent.

7. The eyelashes that need to be grafted are separated from the next eyelashes to be grafted to prevent them from sticking to each other.

Step 7: Check the grafting results

After grafting, use an eyelash brush to clean it up to check whether it is firmly adhered.

Step 8: Blow dry the lashes

Use a small fan or blow out the eyelashes for about 5 minutes, and you can open your eyes without dazzling your eyes. However, it takes about 6 hours for the glue to dry completely. During this time, tell the customer not to touch the water.

Step 9: Scrub the eyelids

Remove the eye patch from the lower eyelid and wipe the lower eyelid with a saline cotton pad.

Summary of key techniques for grafting eyelashes

1. When grafting eyelashes, it should be carried out in the order of the middle and the two sides.

2. The false eyelashes should be clipped one by one.

3. When gluing eyelashes, it should be glued at intervals to prevent the glue from drying and affecting the false eyelashes glued around it. After the glue on the eyelashes glued on the front is dry, make up.

Matters needing attention in grafting eyelashes

Grafting eyelashes requires glue, and some glues can cause eye allergies and then cause inflammation around the eyes. Therefore, during the grafting process, if you feel uncomfortable in your eyes, stop and wash your eyes. Just do it.

In order to prevent the eyelashes from falling off too early, the movements should be gentle when cleansing the face normally! On the second day of grafting eyelashes, some people may want to apply mascara and cannot use it. Do not use any eyelash tools after grafting the eyelashes, the eyelash curler will cause the false eyelashes to fall off in advance.