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The best nail files and sanding blocks

When you walk into a nail products store, you will be surprised to see a large amount of different nail files and buffing blocks. But what can they be used for? Do you need all of this? The answer below!

Nail files

In the professional world, you will find nail files ranging in grit from 80 to 180.

The 80 nail file

80 grit is a very rough grit. It is mainly used to file resin, gel or acrylic nail coverings. It is used to file the surface of the nail to remove the false nails or to file the excess covering. Don’t attempt to contour the natural nail with this rough grain.

100 nail file

The 100 grain is also very rough but a little less than the 80. It is also used to file the overlaps at the time of the pose to make it smooth and perfect the shape of the nail.

(80/100, 100/180) Quality Double Sided Half Moon Shape Nail Files Mani Tools

180 nail file

This grain is moderately rough. It can be used to file the toenails and to make your covering more transparent. You can also use it to file the outline of your natural nails.

The sand blocks

There are several types of grit, such as for nail files, ranging from 80 to 400. The sanding blocks are softer than the files, they make it easier to go into the furrows without hurting yourself.

Professional 4 Way Nail Buffing Block Files 100/180 Grit Nail Art Filing Manicure Tools

The polishing block or polishing file

As its name suggests, it will polish your nail and make it shiny. It’s the perfect tool when you want to keep your nails natural without nail polish or overlay. Your nails will have a shiny finish and a beautiful appearance naturally.

I believe you now have a better understanding of nail files and sanding blocks, so check out our nail supply store, which has everything you need.

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