False Eyelashes and Tools

Teach you two very convenient ways to apply eyelashes


First, I will teach you two very convenient ways to attach eyelashes. The first one is to put our glue on the lid of the eyelashes, and then wipe our tweezers for him. No glue can be left on it. At times, pull up from the root of the eyelashes and clamp the bus bar, which will tear the eyelashes, because we want to stick it like this, so it is in the curvature of the eyelashes to apply glue, this is our Take the glue just now, if you stick it like this, it will not stick very well because it is curved, so it is like this from the bottom up, this way, insert it into it, put the glue on the back of the box, and this way it is Drag it down and drag it down, then look down at the root of the opposite eyelashes, use tweezers to dab it in this way, so that the cluster is attached, and stick to the root, so that when the whole is turned up, it will be more warped. The first time is here, with a little space between the second time, and it’s done.

The second method is simpler. Just brush a small amount of this eyelash glue directly on the root of your eyelashes. Don’t worry, it will become transparent after it dries. Just take a pair of eyelashes and put them directly on it. This method is efficient. It’s very high, and the success rate is also very high. It’s not troublesome at all. Blow it to speed up the drying, and use the liquid eyeliner to fill in the white part of the root of the eyelashes. Let’s stick our supernatural single cluster false eyelashes, yes It’s not very simple. The curvature of its side is also very natural. With false eyelashes, the eyes suddenly brighten up, and I personally think that a single cluster of false eyelashes is more suitable for beginners than the whole row of false eyelashes, because I am a For beginners with false eyelashes, monochrome is very simple, because Mao bought 8mm and 10mm from Monroe, and one from Mr. Junko. The bottom is the shortest, and then the top is the longest. Curly the eyelashes, then brush an eyelash primer, and stand with monochrome false eyelashes. When removing makeup, as long as it is a complete look, he can reuse it twice. All of you alone are the false eyelashes that you saved and used last time, please call me to save the first place, the little expert at home, Kwai Aite, your good girlfriends who don’t have eyelashes, come learn, bye bye.