False Eyelashes and Tools

Six types of basic knowledge that a junior eyelash artist must have?

Interested in eyelash extensions, but don’t know where to start? Eyelash stylists are proficient in technology, but always lack professional knowledge? 6 types of practical basic knowledge points to share with you.

1. Explanation of the terminology of beauty eyelashes

The eyelashes mentioned here are grafting eyelashes, which is a skill. Contrast learning, let’s introduce eyelashes, false eyelashes, and eyelashes.

①Beautiful eyelashes, graft the false eyelashes on the real eyelashes one by one with professional eyelash glue. The eyelash artist can also freely change the grafting form of eyelashes according to the face shape, eye shape, etc., which can well modify the face shape, enlarge and brighten the eyes, and maintain a cycle of 30-60 days.

②Attach false eyelashes, attach the finished false eyelashes to the eyelids with eyelash glue, stick them on the same day, and remove them on the same day. This method is relatively cheap, and the finished false eyelashes can be seen everywhere on the market, but they are usually of inferior quality, hurting the real eyelashes, easily causing eye allergies, and the sticking method is not easy to control. When removing, it is easy to pull the eyelashes, causing secondary damage to the eyelashes.

③A kind of eyelashes, that is, maternity eyelashes surgery, this is actually a small operation, here is a brief introduction.

First, the doctor will cut your own eyelashes so that the follicles can be opened. Then, the tiny hairs on the hair are taken and implanted into the eyelash follicles, and finally wait for recovery.

Generally, small shops do not have the conditions to grow eyelashes, because they are risky and expensive. In addition, you must know that even if the hair is transplanted to the eyes, the hair growth cycle will not change (refer to the information, the cycle is 3-5 years), and the growth cycle of eyelashes is only about 3-5 months, so it needs to be trimmed regularly , otherwise, it is unimaginable that the eyelashes are as long as hair.

After knowing these 3 methods, it is natural to understand that choosing to become an eyelash artist is the most sensible decision, and the technique of grafting eyelashes is safer, healthier and more professional.

2. Common tools for eyelashes

Let’s take a look at the main tools used in the process of grafting eyelashes.

①Tweezers, national standard double tweezers, one for hair separation and one for grafting.

② Eyelashes are mainly distinguished from material, model and curling degree, and there are more than 100 types.

③ Eyelash glue, the types can be roughly divided into: slow drying, medium drying, fast drying.

④Tape, to assist in raising the eyelashes during grafting, or use it to isolate the eyelashes.

⑤Eye stickers are mainly used to separate the upper and lower eyelashes to prevent the upper and lower eyelashes from sticking during the operation.

⑥ Eyelash table, glue table, use false eyelashes and glue when grafting.

⑦ Epoxy paper pad, stick it on the glue table when grafting, use it with glue, it is easy to clean the glue.

⑧ Pre-grafting cleaning solution, used to clean real eyelashes before eyelashes are grafted.

⑨ Moisturizing and cleaning cotton pads, used to remove eye makeup, oil and dust around the eyes before grafting.

⑩Clean cotton pads, when removing false eyelashes, it can be used to remove residual glue remover paste, clean glue residue, clean glue bottle mouth, clean glue dispensing table, etc.

Cleansing mousse, used for cleaning real eyelashes before grafting, cleaning eyelashes and eye makeup when adding eyelashes, and cleaning the eyes after removing false eyelashes.

Cotton swabs, cotton swabs, mainly used for cleaning the grafting process.

Strengthening agent, apply to the root of false eyelashes before grafting eyelashes to achieve the purpose of longer lasting false eyelashes.

Remover gel/removal cream, used when removing eyelashes, to dissolve eyelash glue.

Tool cleaner, generally used to clean glue and stains left on tweezers.

Hair dryer, dry after grafting, to speed up the drying of glue.

The eyelash comb is convenient for combing during and after grafting, and can also be sold as a gift to customers for later eyelash maintenance.

Beauty lamp, illuminates the work area when grafting, easy to operate.

Masks are respect for guests, and they are also the most basic protection for the eyelash artist, and it is also a professional performance.

3. Basic knowledge of false eyelashes

1. Parameters of false eyelashes

①False eyelashes material: divided into artificial hair and animal hair.

Artificial hair includes: velvet, silk protein, nano; animal hair includes: mink hair, rabbit hair.

②False eyelashes model: The length of the upper eyelashes of the false eyelashes is generally 8-15mm, and the length of the lower eyelashes is generally 5-7mm;

③The curling degree of false eyelashes: the commonly used ones are divided into I, J, B, C, D from flat to warped;

④ Thickness of false eyelashes: 0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.20 (mm) from thin to thick;

⑤ False eyelashes color: black, caramel color, color, gradient color.

2. Types of false eyelashes

Now there are more and more types of false eyelashes on the market, here are some commonly used ones.

① Round hair, also divided into single round hair and hand-flowering round hair, the eyelashes themselves are round.

②Flat hair, the eyelashes themselves are flat, lighter, no feeling of grafting, and you can create natural and thick styles.

③Straight hair, without any warping, suitable for grafting for people whose own eyelashes are not warped.

④The baby is slightly warped. As the name suggests, the grafting effect is similar to that of a newborn baby, which is more natural.

⑤ Flowers in one second, no need for technology, flowers are taken immediately, and the grafting speed is improved.

⑥ Camellia, consisting of a row of eyelashes with three lengths, looks like a camellia after blooming, creating a patchwork effect of grafting.

⑦Y-shaped eyelashes, the shape is Y-shaped, and the grafting is in the form of a mesh, which is suitable for people with sparse eyelashes to graft.

⑧Colorful hair, colored eyelashes, can be embellished at the end of the eye or grafted in the eye.

Fourth, the types of eyelash glue

When choosing eyelash glue, the main consideration is the safety, firmness, smell and efficacy of the glue.

①According to the curing speed: slow-drying glue, medium-drying glue, quick-drying glue;

② Other special types of glue: tasteless glue, anti-allergic glue, etc.

Five, eyelash grafting method

①Single grafting

Single grafting is to graft false eyelashes on real eyelashes one by one. The roots are distinct and the grafting effect is more natural.

②Multi-root grafting

Compared with single root grafting, multiple root grafts are grafted on one eyelash, that is, multiple root grafting. Obviously, multiple root grafts are denser than single root grafts. Duo Mao and flowering eyelashes are all grafted with multiple roots.

The first one, Duo Mao. Multiple eyelashes are glued together, mainly to accentuate the volume.

The second is flowering. This is a new grafting technique. Generally, eyelashes with a thickness of 0.03-0.07mm are selected, opened into a fan shape, and then grafted. The density is lower than that of tufted hairs.

6. Grafting styles

①Flying type: Grafting along the direction of eyelash growth, the number and length of eyelashes gradually increase, lengthen at the end of the eye, enhance the contour of the eye, show women’s femininity, and be more charming.

②Barbie type: The eyelashes are long in the middle and short on both sides, which makes the eyes look big and energetic.

③ Qi-comb type: Literally means neat grafting. The head of the eye, the tail of the eye, and the middle of the eye are the same length and homogeneous. Simple style, a style that a novice eyelash artist can practice.

In a word, eyelash stylists are engaged in a very delicate and patient work. Only skilled skills and pleasant designs can win the trust of customers.