False Eyelashes and Tools

Seven ways to grow your eyelashes, full of dry goods, the last one is the most effective


Every time I see a girl with long eyelashes, she will turn into a lemon essence in seconds, and she will turn her head and leave after throwing down three words, these three words are: eyelash essence. But in my heart I still envy other people’s long eyelashes. I secretly complained to my mother for three seconds, why didn’t I give myself a pair of long and thick eyelashes! In an instant, there was an urge to return to the transformation of the mother’s womb. However, the current makeup technology is so developed, do we still need to worry that it will not be fake? Although it is said that counterfeiting can not last, nor is what we want, after all, pure nature is our pursuit, so today, we will learn seven counterfeiting + pure natural methods to make our eyelashes grow rapidly and make you change too. Become someone else’s eyelashes! From now on, you are also the eyelashes that others envy! What are the seven methods? Let’s go see it together!

The first is to apply breast milk to eyelashes. Of course, the use of this method is very limited. I may have no chance. I can try it when my baby is born. I heard that Jay Chou’s girls use this method to kill a bunch of children of the same age. , make your eyelashes thicker and longer!

The second is to reduce the eyelashes! Can you believe this way? Legend has it that there is such a silly fairy who really thinks that her eyelashes are beards and fine hair. The more they are cut off, the faster they grow. This kind of stupid method should not be circulated in the world anymore, lest some fairy babies can’t tell the difference between enemy and me.

The third is to apply false eyelashes. This method is also the most common one, but the handicapped party should still pay attention to it, don’t stick your eyes like a fan, many folds will be ugly.

The fourth is kind of eyelashes. Nowadays, there are more and more plastic surgery methods introduced by beauty salons. The eyebrows can be tattooed and the eyelashes can be grown. However, this process is very painful and the price is not cheap. Everyone should be cautious!

The fifth is eyelash growth liquid. Among the many eyelash growth products on the Internet, there is something called eyelash growth liquid, which is applied around the eyes. The eyelash growth liquid in the product will make the eyelashes grow longer, creating a natural effect, but it is still necessary to use it around the eyes. Caution is better.

The sixth is to apply Vaseline. Vaseline is a kind of universal cosmetic. Everyone who has used it said that it is good. Apply Vaseline to the eyelashes before going to bed. If you keep using it, there will be obvious effects.

The seventh is to apply mascara. Compared with the above methods, the last one is the most effective method. Brushing mascara is also very suitable for lazy women, but it is not suitable for girls with handicapped hands, because they may become fly legs if they are not careful.

Have you learned all these methods?