Baby Care

Precautions for baby skin care

For small babies, they need to be carefully taken care of, because the baby’s immunity is relatively weak, the skin is very tender, and it is easy to be injured and infected. Babies generally choose milder toiletries, but many mothers do not know this, for convenience, think It is best to use the most expensive toiletries for your baby. Some parents will use some adult skin care products to wash their children’s faces. In fact, this is not good for children. What do you use to wash your baby’s face?

Just use water to wash your child’s face. Because water is the best cleaning agent, the baby’s skin is very delicate, any skin care products will add some harmful substances, if used for the baby, it will hurt the baby’s skin. In addition, it is best to use warm water when washing your child’s face.

Second, the mother can prepare a Jieke towel for the baby, because the Jieke towel can not only prevent the growth of bacteria, but also is very soft, so that we can clean the baby slowly and gently when cleaning the baby’s face. At the same time, give the baby more water, which can make the child’s skin tender and tender. Babies should have their own towels and washbasins, and they should not be mixed with adults when washing their faces to avoid contamination with bacteria. Since the eyes are particularly susceptible to bacterial infection, it is important to ensure that baby’s toiletries are dedicated and kept clean.

We usually find that the skin of the child’s face will be relatively dry, that is because the child’s body has less water in it. Therefore, it is recommended that the baby should drink plenty of water, fruits and vegetables. Also, pay attention to maintaining the humidity in your home. Mothers can also use some special skin care products for their children to relieve and improve their children’s dry and peeling skin problems.

For a small number of mothers, they usually wash their baby’s face with their own breast milk after feeding. Mothers think that washing your face with breast milk can make your baby’s skin whiter, but in fact, this is a wrong idea.

Because breast milk contains more protein and fat, and these nutrients usually breed the growth and reproduction of bacteria, washing your face with breast milk is very detrimental to your baby’s health.

Of course, if some parents insist on choosing facial cleaning products for their babies, it is best to choose some products with no other functions. Apart from cleaning, this product will not have other side effects and will not harm the baby’s delicate skin. , causing allergies. Babies don’t need to wash their face often, just once or twice a day. When washing the face, pay attention to the water temperature not too high, and wait until the temperature is close to body temperature before washing.

Key points: When babies are just born, most of them will have eczema. At this time, if you use wormwood to wash, it will not have any effect. When applying eczema ointment, it is best not to use hormone-containing medicines, such as hydrocortisone, otherwise it will make the face red. There is no need to use detergent or hot water to wash your face, just use lukewarm water when washing your face. Before going to bed, the mother should cut the child’s nails short and wear gloves, otherwise the baby will scratch the injured part.