False Eyelashes and Tools

Paste the eyelashes on the eyelids with eyelash glue, which solves the problem that eyelashes need to be decorated


Today, let’s talk about makeup, the production of false eyelashes, the types of eyelashes currently used in the fashion film and television industry, woven eyelashes, silk edge eyelashes, synthetic eyelashes, combined eyelashes and planted eyelashes. These eyelashes have different colors, such as black, brown, light brown, yellow, golden yellow, etc., in various forms, such as feathers, silk flowers, cardboard, etc., which can be freely combined and used according to the needs of the character or model. The production methods of various false eyelashes are as follows. (1) Weaving the eyelashes with thread, use a 30cm long wooden strip, nail a nail at each end, hang a black thread (as needed) and apply a thin layer of glue on the thread after hanging it tightly , choose hair strands of equal thickness (either real or wig).

Starting from one end of the thread, crochet one by one at equal distances using a horseshoe buckle technique. Be sure to tighten it when weaving, and control the number of hairs to 35-50 as needed, and fix them with glue after weaving. (2) For the silk edge eyelashes, cut the thin silk edge used to make the headgear, stretch it on the wood or hutong, and after stretching, apply a thin layer of U glue on it and wait for it to dry, so as not to fall off the thread. Use a crochet hook to hook the hair of uniform thickness on the edge of the silk at an equal distance. Generally, it is required to pick the most edge thread. The number of hairs is basically the same as the number of lashes. It can be crocheted into stitches with uneven length and staggered positions. , and can also be hooked into groups according to actual needs.


Its molding method: take off the woven eyelashes, cut them into pieces according to the required length, trim them and shape them, apply cold scalding syrup, and remove them after they are done. Apply a thin layer of glue (such as U glue) on the hooked thin silk to make the eyelid gauze upright and supportive, make it easier to remove makeup, and protect the edge of the silk. After the thin silk is coated with latex, use the weak temperature of a small fire to cut the edge of the silk into the shape of the eyelids. The advantages of using eyelash glue to paste the silk edge eyelashes on the eyelid: not only solves the problem that the upper eyelashes need to be decorated, but also supports the inner triangle, outer triangle or the entire drooping part of the eyelid; Disadvantages: it is easy to block the outer corner eyelashes Eye.