False Eyelashes and Tools

Nanny-level eyelash tutorial is here! It is not a dream for beginners to enlarge their eyes


Good-looking eyelashes will make our eyes visually bigger and more energetic, but if the little hands are not obeyed, it is another story…


If you want to have electric eyes, it is impossible to have curled eyelashes, so if you fail at the beginning, all subsequent steps will be in vain!

remember! Whether we apply mascara or apply false eyelashes, the first step is to curl our eyelashes first!

To achieve the best big-eye effect, it is recommended that fairies clip it at the root of the eyelashes~

Then loosen the clip a little bit, use the pulp of your finger to gently spread the eyelashes left and right to make the eyelashes fan-shaped, and then curl up~

Use the three-stage method to lift the clip up, and after repeating it a few times, just move it with your fingers~

The eyelash curler can choose a thinner style, which will be more tolerant to curling. Beautiful girls who are not very skilled can also use the partial eyelash curler to adjust the end of the eye and the top of the eye~

The choice of mascara: There are so many different shapes and sizes of eyelash brush heads on the market, but this is not a gimmick, but it really has different effects!

The length, density, gap size, and length of the brush teeth are the keys to determining the quality of the eyelash brush!

First of all, we have to understand the characteristics of our eyelashes:

If your eyelashes are “short and thin”, you need to lengthen and increase the volume;

If your eyelashes are “long and thin”, choose a thick curling mascara;

If your eyelashes are “short and dense”, you should apply a thick brush with a long mascara;

If your eyelashes are “long and thick”, congratulations, just choose a mascara that can make the eyelashes curl~

Secondly, we must avoid our own disadvantages:

For example, if the eyelashes grow downward or shed tears, it is easier to contact the skin oil, so it is necessary to make it more curled and waterproof, and it is not easy to take off the makeup type mascara~

How to choose a mascara brush head?

Curved brush head (natural curling): designed according to the physiological curve of the eyelashes, easy to apply and suitable for anyone, especially those with short eyelashes~

Conical brush head (thick): suitable for sparse eyelashes, it can enhance its plump effect~

Spiral brush head (slender + curling): suitable for soft and sparse eyelashes, so that the roots of the eyelashes are distinct and not easy to stick~

Mini brush head (distinct roots): suitable for lower eyelashes & the head and tail of the eye, it can take care of each eyelash carefully~

Sea urchin brush head (long and clear): suitable for sparse eyelashes, can touch every part of the eyelashes, can be applied vertically, horizontally, and diagonally~

Comb mascara (long + moderately thick): suitable for short lashes, the color is faster, and the mascara on the lashes will be more complete! ~

Note that you must start brushing the eyelashes from the root of the eyelashes. If there is not enough mascara at the root of the eyelashes, just brush too much paste on the eyelashes, of course, it is easy to collapse back to before liberation~

Electric eyelash extensions can effectively improve the curling durability of eyelashes. After brushing the mascara, it is recommended to use the electric eyelashes to press upwards from the root of the eyelashes in sections to instantly present thick electric eyes~

Some beautiful girls are a little too greedy when they brush their eyelashes, and they will brush out fly legs if they are not careful. You know, there is really no beauty in being overly thick~

Brush eyelashes carefully

Comb the eyelashes with a small comb for combing the eyelashes, so that the roots of the eyelashes are distinct, so that when brushing the eyelashes, it is not so easy to fly legs~

Too much mascara can easily form fly legs, so before brushing mascara, you can gently wipe the eyelash brush with a tissue to wipe off the excess mascara~

Throw away the zigzag brushing method. Although the zigzag shape allows more paste to stay on the eyelashes and looks thicker, it is also easy to brush out flies’ legs. It is recommended to try this brushing method that brushes upwards.

This brushing method will not only make the eyelashes more slender, but also have distinct roots after brushing~

Corner position and lower eyelashes, you can use the brush head to rub left and right. The contact surface of the brush head is small, and there are more pastes dipped in it, so it is easy to deal with these details~

Applying false eyelashes is not a necessary step for everyone to make up, but false eyelashes are really a beauty tool, thick eyelashes make the eyes look super beautiful~

Everyone’s eye shape is different, you need to adjust the false eyelashes properly to trim the most suitable length~

First of all, put the false eyelashes on the eyes and compare whether the length is suitable~

The front end should be placed 5mm behind the corner of the eye, not completely along the inner corner of the eye; if you want the eye to be larger, it should be 2mm beyond the end of the eye, and naturally it should be completely on the end of the eye~

Usually the end of the false eyelashes will be longer, cut from the end, and keep the short part of the eye, so that it can look more natural. Be sure to trim the two false eyelashes symmetrically~

Then, massage the lashes to make them softer and more natural, and adjust the curvature to suit the shape of the eyes. Bend it at every angle like this~

When sticking false eyelashes, stick the middle part first, then adjust the end of the eye and the head of the eye, and try to keep the false eyelashes close to the root of the real eyelashes~

After the glue is completely dry, use eyeliner to fill in the gaps between the real and false eyelashes, so that the eyelashes can be more naturally fused together, so as to be beautiful without dead ends~ The white glue must also be covered with eyeliner!

After sticking, gently lift the false eyelashes with your fingers, so that the false eyelashes will naturally curl up~

After attaching the false eyelashes, apply mascara, so that the true and false eyelashes are blended and more natural. The mascara is selected with distinct roots, which can better show the fan-shaped effect~