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Introduce the necessary tattoo tools and tattoo equipment for learning tattoos

Now more and more friends are interested in tattooing, and there are many friends who want to learn tattooing, but these tattoo lovers often do not know what equipment is needed for tattooing when they do not understand tattooing. Now Wuhan Advanced Tattoo Training School is here. I will list them out for everyone, hoping to help friends who want to learn tattoos. Tattoo Machines – You will need at least 2 types at the beginning, and more after that. Some are dedicated to fogging, and some are used for thread cutting. Individually mark each machine for assembly of the thread cutting needle to the thread cutting machine and the misting needle to the misting machine.

Connecting Rod – The metal tube that connects the handle to the machine and should be stainless steel.

Needle tip and handle – stainless steel, combined with connecting rod to form a complete handle kit to accommodate tattoo needles.

Professional tattoo needles – for thread cutting and fogging.

Rubber Band – Its tension prevents the erratic shaking of the tattoo needle during the tattoo operation.

power supply

Power supply unit – used to start the machine and provide a stable voltage to the tattoo machine. Generally 0~18 volts, 2 amperes, DC stabilized power supply with adjustable output voltage.

Hook Wire – Connects the tattoo machine to the power supply and conducts current.

Foot switch – a device that starts and stops the tattoo machine while it is working.

Classification and application of tattoo needles for dragon tattoo training

Now there are many kinds of tattoo needles, the choice is getting bigger and bigger, and the classification of needles is also more, but how to choose tattoo needles,

Needle for secant, round needle:

Generally, the needles used to cut the thread are mostly round needles. The so-called round needles refer to the accumulation of several needles according to a circle center when the needles are welded. Generally, the thickness of each fine needle is between 0.25–0.4, from According to experience, 0.3–0.35 is the longest and should be the best. The secant needles are most commonly used with moderately blunt tips. Too sharp and too blunt tips are not ideal. When choosing a secant needle, it is best to choose a needle with a reduced tip. Because the needle tip is held together, there will be no bifurcation in the secant line.

The most commonly used types of secant needles are generally: 3, 5, 7, 9, etc. Too thin and too thick are not very effective in the application process.

* Needle header for fogging:

There are many forms of needle row, such as: single row, double row (also divided into overlapping double row and bifurcated double row), arc needle row, etc. The thickness of the needle row is the same as that of the round needle, which also ranges from 0.5–0.4.

The commonly used needle is 0.3–0.4. Generally, the needles used for fogging are mostly blunt tips. Too sharp tips are easy to scrape the skin, and the damage to the skin is relatively large. The blunt tips are well colored.

Single-row needles are generally used for trimming and trimming sharp corners, as well as very small graphics, and large-area coloring is not commonly used.

Due to the relatively high density of needle tips, the overlapping double-row needles penetrate the skin shallowly and are suitable for very fine mist.

Bifurcated double-row needles are the most commonly used, and both large and small needles are widely used. Such needles are well colored and can be light or heavy.