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Increase knowledge! What do you know about the use of bath salts?


Many women have such troubles: they don’t know when they will be uninvited. Especially in summer, even if there are swan neck butterfly bones and long legs, they cannot be happily exposed. In winter, the chicken skin and snake skin patterns on the legs are really unbearable to look at.

But we can’t just sit still, can we? The use of bath salts can exfoliate and relieve the symptoms of chicken skin to a certain extent. However, if you want to completely remove chicken skin, long-term treatment with moisturizing body lotion is required to see the effect.

take a shower
Hang the cloth bag filled with bath salt on the spray head, you can easily and quickly achieve the skin care effect; use a sponge to massage the whole body with a little salt, and then rinse with water to achieve the same effect.

It is rich in plant essential oil essence and natural mineral salt. The unique paste-like salt particles are round and clear and melt with water, which can remove the dirt and dead skin on the skin surface and subtleties~ Enjoy romantic bath care in the fragrance and sweetness!

beautiful feet
Soak your feet in hot water for 5 minutes, apply the bath salt to the thick-skinned parts, such as heels and soles, and massage in circular motions for 5 minutes, then rinse off with water, and moisturize with body lotion.

When taking a sauna, put the salt into the cloth bag and rub the skin gently, which not only replenishes the lost salt in the body but also cleans and beautifies the skin.

salt plastic body
The osmotic action of salt can eliminate puffiness, promote fat movement, and has an unexpected effect in shaping the body’s curves. You only need to use salt supplemented with the corresponding massage, you can carry out partial or whole body weight loss.

slender legs
Raise the legs, apply enough salt, make fists with both hands, massage from the ankles to the knees, the knees to the thighs, stop the massage when the whole foot becomes hot, do not wash off the salt, wrap it with plastic wrap from the ankles up, The trick is to keep the foot still up, and then use force when wrapping.

That’s all, have you learned the six major uses of bath salts?