Body Art

If you are hesitant before getting a tattoo, you may want to learn about the basic issues related to tattoos

What do you think of when you think of tattoos?

Courage and remembrance? Tangled and determined? Misunderstanding and vision?

Whether or not you decide to imprint your body

But it is clear that

Tattoos have planted seeds in your heart

And you are wandering outside the tattoo door

You may need to understand the following basic questions related to tattoos first

tattoo or not

Before getting a tattoo, you must think clearly about this question

Why are you getting a tattoo?

Some people commemorate people or things

Some people do it for the sake of

Some people just think they are beautiful

There is no absolute answer

But there must be an answer

If you can’t answer yourself well

So I suggest you put aside the idea of ​​tattooing for a while

Keep waiting and let time help you find the answer

Do tattoos hurt?

The question is clear: it will hurt

You have to know that a tattoo is piercing your skin with needles, it will definitely hurt

Pain differs by the location of the tattoo and the size of the pattern:

In general, the closer to the bone, the more painful

The larger the pattern, the more painful it is

Health aspects of tattoos (hygiene, allergies)

Tattoo artist must guarantee all tattoo tools

To be sterilized before use

Some tools also need to be disposable

So please choose a regular tattoo artist and tattoo parlor

Can tattoos be washed off?

Tattoos with black pigment can be washed off

The most common way to remove tattoos is by laser

Or the most advanced picosecond tattoo removal

The tattoo removal process is painful

and requires multiple cleanings to remove

Are tattoos expensive?

On this issue, this sister can only say

The fees of the best tattoo artists are naturally not cheap

Since I decided to get a tattoo

then please take it seriously

If only consider price and not technology

Then, the tattoo stickers perfectly meet your requirements~

How to judge whether the tattoo artist’s technique is reliable or not

Qualifications, popularity and fees of tattoo artists

Often proportional to the quality of the work

Just like painting, you can roughly see which painting

more detailed, better

It is recommended to see his tattoo works in advance

Whether it is delicate and beautiful, whether it is in line with your aesthetic

Helps to judge the level of tattoo artist

Do tattoos fade?

May be, there are four main reasons for tattoo discoloration:

Is the tattoo artist’s technique professional?

Is the quality of the pigment excellent?

Personal skin characteristics and tattoo locations

Mistakes made by the tattoo artist during the tattoo artist’s tattooing process

The color only hits the surface of the skin

Improper maintenance after tattoo, scratch around the tattoo area

Improper handling may cause the tattoo to fade

Can tattoos fail?

Failed tattoos are also called broken skin tattoos

Most say appear

uneven color, shading,

Tattoos that grow, fade, etc.

Seriously even the pattern structure is wrong

The pattern is clearly a dragon, but it looks like an ugly snake


Choose a professional tattoo artist

It’s the most important part of the tattoo

How many tattoos does it take to get done

The number of textures depends on the image

Most thumbnails can be done at once

bigger, more complicated

Usually done 2-3 times or more

Larger images will take longer

Mainly depends on the customer’s physical strength, endurance and other factors

When you are indecisive about tattoos

Think about it, there is no one in this world

I can accompany you forever alone until you die

But only tattoos can