Bath Products

I like to sweat and get oily in summer. I recommend you to use up very refreshing bath products!

As a person with folliculitis for many years and severe oily skin, I strongly give you Amway again!

L’Occitane soap! It’s not an ad! Three have been used!
Their soap is by far the best soap I’ve ever used, and it’s mildly cleansing.

The foam is delicate, the cleaning power is strong, not fake and slippery, and the skin is clean after washing!

I use the Shea Verbena flavor, which is also more suitable for boys. The taste is very fresh, with a hint of lemon and orange scent~

If a dry-skinned girl sees this, stop it! Dry skin will be astringent after washing, basically suitable for oily skin and boys, especially those with acne on the back and chest! I personally test! The effect is stronger than sulfur soap! It also smells much better than sulfur soap!

Although the price is a little expensive compared to ordinary soaps, it can be compared to the shower gel of the same price, and the experience is definitely not lower than the shower gel! And a small piece can be used for a long time, buy it after use up, and use 2-3 pieces in a summer. After washing, it doesn’t feel tight and smells good. In short, it is a very favorite soap!

Dry skin look here!
L’Occitane Shea Butter Milk Flavored Skin Care Soap, this is the moisturizing type of L’Occitane family.

Especially suitable for sensitive skin. However, many people on the Internet say that it has a whitening effect. After my mother used it, I didn’t think she was white, but the moisturizing and moisturizing degree was indeed very good. After washing with ordinary soap, her skin was dry and peeling, and then I replaced it with this skin care. After the soap, the situation has improved a lot, and the skin is also very moisturizing. It will not feel dry all winter, and it is very moisturizing and comfortable after use. She used to use the moisturizing bath oil in the winter.

It seems that there is also a cleansing soap at home. I won’t introduce it if I don’t know it.