False Eyelashes and Tools

How to remove false eyelashes? How to properly remove false eyelashes

Core Tip: How to remove false eyelashes? False eyelashes are usually pasted to the root of the eyelashes with professional eyelash glue. General makeup remover may be difficult to remove, and because the skin at the root of the eyelashes is particularly fragile, it is not suitable for strong pulling. So, what is the correct way to remove false eyelashes? Let’s learn about the specific steps together!

No matter how beautiful the makeup looks, it needs to be removed and cleaned in the end, but daily makeup can be easily solved by makeup remover, so how to remove false eyelashes? Will improper removal damage the real eyelashes and eye skin? Let’s learn how to properly remove false eyelashes. Step 1 Take a cotton swab or a cotton pad and dip in an appropriate amount of cleansing oil, gently wipe the roots of the eyelashes, be careful to move gently and carefully in place. Step 2 After waiting for a few minutes, the roots of the false eyelashes wiped by the cleansing oil will fall off naturally, so do not forcibly tear the false eyelashes that are still stuck to the eye, otherwise it is likely to tear off your own eyelashes, and it will cause obvious of tingling. If the false eyelashes are torn for a long time, it is easy to make the eyelid skin loose or even sagging. Step 3 After the false eyelashes are separated from your own eyelashes, take a clean cotton pad dipped in cleansing oil and apply it to the eye area. After waiting for about ten seconds, gently remove the cotton pad from the inside out. The false eyelashes are removed. Many people do not know that in fact, properly cleaned false eyelashes can be used repeatedly. Since the false eyelashes are relatively slender and fragile, you should not pull too hard when using them, but gently take them out of the box along the stretched direction of the false eyelashes. If you want to use it repeatedly, it must be thoroughly cleaned after each use before it can be put into the false eyelashes box. In addition to eyelash glue, eye shadow powder, mascara, eyeliner and other makeup should not have residues, otherwise it will shorten its service life. , affecting the use of hygiene. Finally, because the eye skin is sensitive and fragile, the use of false eyelashes will increase the burden on the root of the eyelashes and the surrounding skin, so pay more attention to the care of the eye area. After cleaning, apply skin care products such as water lotion and eye cream to take care of the soft skin skin.