Body Art

How much do you know about “body art”?


1. What is body art? How is it developing?

Body art, as the name suggests, is a branch of art that takes the human body as the carrier.

The so-called art, according to Baidu Encyclopedia, is an ideology that reflects local social life and meets people’s spiritual needs.

Art is a very important and universal cultural form, a spiritual product with unlimited potential for development.

The earliest work of body art in archaeology is Aphrodite in ancient Greek mythology more than 30,000 years ago, also known as the mother of mankind, which shows the fertility worship of the matriarchal clan.

Later, it was the Olympus Games of the God-Worshiping Games to worship the god Zeus, and then it became a naked competition. The winner is the glory of the whole family. Memorial, showing the strength and beauty of the male body. (as in Michelangelo’s Discus Thrower).

Art is inseparable from people. True art is a person’s expression and expression of his own spirit and emotions. It can cultivate sentiment and cultivate temperament.

In today’s popular saying, that is, real art can treat various mental and mental diseases, and make a person’s spirit healthier.

From the 14th to the 16th century, the rise of the European Renaissance, the awakening of human nature, and the needs of life set off a climax of body art. However, it is still wrapped in the cloak of religion and mythology.

The composition of body art

Body art includes body statues, body painting, body photography, body painting, etc. Now there are swimming, gymnastics, dance and other forms.

3. Development of Chinese Body Art

The earliest Chinese body art should be the mythical Nuwa who created humans. The Nuwa described there clearly has elements of body art.

It was Liu Haisu who really established the status of Chinese body art. Not long after he overthrew the Qing court in the last century, he opened a body sketching class for the first time at the Shanghai Art School he founded.

This is really not a good thing in China, which is deeply influenced by Confucianism. Soon he was boycotted, and some education officials called him a traitor to the Institute of Education, not as good as a beast.

The real development of Chinese body art After the reform and opening up, some art academies were under pressure to recruit nude models and let students copy paintings in order to cultivate their artistic literacy. Let body art gradually move towards the nation.

Fourth, the essence of body art.

A lot of people are influenced by traditional ideas and think that body art is pornographic and commercial.

Just as Sun Ying wrote in “No Image” in “Salt”, the old professor asked Yu Guoqin to take off his clothes and read it and said: “There is no color in the eyes, it is the real light.”

Indeed, art, commerce, and hue are only separated by a wall. In the same work, the artist sees beauty and health, while the Taoist only sees sex and color.

Can you just say it’s a problem with the work? How to let the general public see only art, not color? This is by no means only an artist’s business, it needs to improve the concept of the whole people.

5. How to appreciate body art?

There is a statue of Yang Guifei in Huaqing Palace, which is often attacked on the chest. An actress scolded those people in her blog: spending tourists’ money and doing prostitutes.

The reason why the human body is called art is that it is regarded as the embodiment of purity, sincerity and beauty. People have been expressing her through painting, sculpture, photography and other artistic creation techniques.

The reason why people love body art is that artists use body language to worship life, praise nature, sing praises for youth, eulogize love, and pursue freedom. This kind of creation expresses the inner motivation for producing excellent body art works, and it will not lead people into it. A misguided path full of evil thoughts.

In an interview with reporters, Wang Xiaoming, dean of the School of Design of Jilin University of the Arts, said:

The boundaries between pornography, non-pornography, and pure art are very delicate. From the creator’s point of view, what angle does he decide to be art or pornography? If your motives are pure, then the work brings a certain amount to the viewer. It is noble, and if the motives are deviated, the model looks erotic even in thick clothes.

An excellent body photography work should bring people a good visual experience and a broad and profound thinking space. Therefore, the content of the work and the form of expression are equally important.

Without the content of thought, any form would be meaningless; without a suitable form of expression, the content of a work would be inexpressible or misleading.

It can be seen that appreciating body art is not about what you see, but more about what lives in your heart.

As for why female body art is more beautiful? That’s because women’s body lines are richer, the body is fuller, the skin is more elastic, and the color is more attractive.

Of course, the strength and beauty of the male human body also gives people a different feeling.