False Eyelashes and Tools

Eyeliner, mascara, makeup remover, how to minimize eye damage?

What is the most important thing for women? I think for most women, cosmetics have a certain unshakable position in their hearts. Women buying cosmetics are like men smoking. It is not a matter of quitting, because women are addicted to buying cosmetics. Definitely no smaller than a man’s cigarette addiction.

However, among the facial skin, the skin around the eyes is the most delicate and prone to aging. For women who love makeup, eye irritation mainly comes from eyeliner, mascara, makeup remover and other products, as well as towels and fingers for eye cleaning. We who love beauty, how to minimize the damage to our eyes?

About Products

1. The quality must pass the test

Cosmetics used in the eyes must be purchased through formal methods and channels. Inferior products often contain many substandard heavy metals, hormones and other ingredients, which will cause devastating damage to the skin.

2. Avoid the breeding of bacteria

Many women like to put cosmetics in the toilet and bathroom, but the humid and unventilated environment will allow cosmetics to breed many bacteria, and it is easy for the bacteria to multiply and cause inflammation when used in warm and humid eyes.

About Makeup

It is best to wear light makeup every day, and it is best to wear less makeup. When drawing eyeliner, don’t apply it too close to the eyelid, and don’t draw the eyelid low, the inside of the eye is warm and humid, it is easy to breed bacteria, and it is not conducive to the makeup removal work of cosmetics. When applying eyelashes, the position of mascara should not be too close to the root of the eyelashes, otherwise it is not conducive to removing makeup, and it is easy to cause the eyelashes to fall off.

Cleaning must be thorough

Numerous beauty experts are reminding women that facial cleaning must be done in place! Many women in the workplace often sleep with makeup on because of their busy work schedule. Makeup residue on the eyes will seriously block the pores of the eyes and accelerate the oxidation of the skin around the eyes. degree, causing the skin to age and wrinkle.

Before going to bed, eye makeup should be removed with eye makeup remover oil, and cleaned according to the nature of the makeup, do not let go of every corner, be sure to remove it.

There are many corners of the eyes, which are more difficult to clean than other parts of the face. Today, I will introduce the correct cleaning method to you:

Remove eyelashes:

1. Prepare cotton swabs and cotton pads, first dip the makeup remover oil on the cotton pads, close your eyes and cover them all over your eyes. During this period, squeeze the cotton pads on the eyelashes and eyeliner with your hands to fully dissolve the makeup. , and then gently wipe off the makeup that can be wiped off with your hands.

2. Take it off, take a new cotton swab, dip it in cleansing oil, fold it in half on the lower eyelid, close the eyes, and then use the cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to wipe off the mascara on the eyelashes, repeat a few times. Repeatedly, replace the cotton swab or makeup remover with a new one when it is dirty, and stop until the stain is no longer visible.

3. Open your eyes, use a cotton swab to dab some makeup remover oil, and carefully remove the eyeliner from the eyelid. For the eyeliner that is on the inside of the eyes, you should gently lift the eyelid and carefully wipe it off with a cotton swab. If the cotton swab is dirty in the middle, it should be replaced with a new one in time. Be careful not to pull the skin too hard or for too long.

4. Check the eyes carefully, and clean them if there is any residue.

Be gentle

When performing makeup removal, makeup, and nursing, the pressing and rubbing movements of the eye area must be gentle and less pulling, otherwise it will easily cause wrinkles and premature aging and sagging of the eye skin in the long run.

The eyes are the windows to the soul. When the skin around the eyes is dry and dehydrated, fine lines and spots are prone to appear on the skin around the eyes. You can use eye cream and other care solutions for proper maintenance every day, and pay attention to sun protection.

It is not terrible to remove eye makeup. What is terrible is that not only does it not remove cleanly, but it also rubs some makeup residues into the eyes, which is uncomfortable. If your eyes are very sensitive, the irritating makeup remover will cause eyeballs if it enters your eyes. Inflammation is horrible.

So in daily care, you can choose a bottle of suitable eye lotion to take a bath regularly for your eyes!