False Eyelashes and Tools

Do you know these tips for grafting eyelashes?

If the eyelash stylists do not master the basic operation techniques when they learn eyelash grafting in the early stage, they may make mistakes due to wrong habits and methods in the later stage.

Today, I will discuss with you the basic techniques of eyelash grafting. I hope it can be helpful to all new eyelash extensions or those who are interested in eyelash extensions.

1. How to use tweezers
Tweezers are the hands of an eyelash artist. Only by using tweezers correctly can perfect eyelashes be grafted. How to use tweezers correctly?

1. The common implementation method of international standards is to hold one in the left hand and one in the right. (A golden feather clip for taking hair and a dolphin clip for splitting hair,) Some people also like to hold it with their left and right hands.

2. When using tweezers, use three fingers to hold the tweezers, the thumb and middle finger are used, the index finger is used as an auxiliary, and the little finger and the ring finger are used as support to form a triangular fixed tweezers gesture.

3. When using tweezers, the force of the two hands should be evenly distributed. The force used by the fingers is commonly known as Yin force in the eyelashes industry, rather than dead force, so that it can be easily grafted and avoid mistakes caused by excessive force.

4. Clean and disinfect the tweezers before and after each use to prevent the breeding of bacteria. Because the tip of the tweezers is very sharp, the tweezers enter from the customer’s forehead toward the tip of the eyelashes during operation, taking care to avoid piercing the skin and eyes.

Second, the use of glue
For a perfect pair of eyelashes, in addition to good techniques, the use of glue is also crucial. Let’s learn how to use glue with Teacher Juyimei.

1. Wake up the glue: Shake the glue left and right for about a minute to fully integrate the glue. Do not use the first 2 drops of the newly opened glue.

2. Glue: vertical glue, less drops and frequent changes, it is recommended to replace it every 15 minutes.

3. Dipping glue: It is recommended that the amount of glue taken when grafting a single hair is preferably 1/3 or not more than 1/3.

4. Storage: The glue is suitable for storage at a temperature of 10-25 °C and a humidity below 30%. It can be placed in a cool and dry place together with a desiccant to prolong the effective service life of the glue.

3. How to use the eye patch
According to the curve of the eye contour, cover the lower eyelashes, and must not touch the pupil during this process.

1. Measure the size according to the eye curve and start sticking from the tip of the eye or the front of the eye.

2. The position of the eyes, the inner corner of the eye should not exceed the bridge of the nose, and the outer corner of the eye should not press the temple.

3. The attached eye patch should be consistent with the eyelash curve. Use a cotton swab to gently lift the upper eyelid, and use a small tape to press down all the lower eyelashes.

Tip: Apply the eye patch with the customer’s eyes closed, the customer’s experience will be better, but if the eye patch is wrongly applied, it will irritate the eyes and cause tears, etc. Embroiderers must pay attention!

Fourth, the real eyelash separation method
In operation, the customer’s own eyelashes are separated with tweezers.

1. Use an eyelash comb or tweezers to straighten the eyelashes one by one, which is conducive to better one-to-one adhesion of false eyelashes to your own eyelashes.

2. In order to prevent multiple self-eyelashes from sticking together and grafting one or more false eyelashes, the tattoo artist needs to master the direction one by one (the direction of the tweezers to separate only one true eyelash).

3. The better you grasp the separation direction of the real eyelashes, the smoother the operation will be.

Human eyelashes have 2 to 3 layers, and a few people have 4 layers of eyelashes. Start with the lowest eyelash layer, so that the eyelashes will not be deformed after surgery.

Fifth, the pulling and clipping method of false eyelashes
Using tweezers in one hand, practice pulling false eyelashes one by one.

1. Pull out an eyelash, and use tweezers to clamp the pulled out false eyelashes in a 45-degree diagonal direction.

2. Clamp 2/3 of the false eyelashes, slowly raise your hand, and pull out towards the eyelashes artist.

3. Use tweezers to clamp the false eyelashes.

Tip: When curling the eyelashes, if you use too much force, the false eyelashes may be bent and deformed, so the force must be moderate. If the lashes are reversed or not in a diagonal line, the lashes may curl when the placement is complete.

To become a professional eyelash artist, professional theoretical knowledge and superb technical ability are indispensable. Eyelash artists also need to work hard on the road of learning~