False Eyelashes and Tools

Do you know the main tool for grafting eyelashes

As the saying goes, if you want to do good things, you must first sharpen your tools. In order to achieve satisfactory results in grafting eyelashes, you need not only good enough technology, but also a set of eyelashes tools with excellent use.


Eyelash extensions also have tweezers specially used for hair separation, which cannot be replaced by hands, toothpicks, and acne needles. Get into the habit of using tweezers. National standard double tweezers, one for splitting and one for grafting. The uses of tweezers are generally three functions: hair separation, single and multiple tweezers, and some of them are universal. This depends on personal habits. Basically, a straight tweezers and a curved tweezers are enough.


The performance of glue is mainly affected by temperature and humidity

Before use, make sure that the temperature is between 25°C-28°C and the humidity is between 50%-65%, and avoid facing the air-conditioning outlet.

The glue is generally divided into 2 seconds quick-drying, 5 seconds medium-drying, and tasteless glue. Ordinary eyelash lovers are advised to choose odorless glue if they are grafting at home.

In addition, the storage of glue is also very important. Unopened can be stored for 3=6 months, and it is recommended to use up within one month after opening. After each use of glue, the bottle mouth should be cleaned in time and then tightened to prevent the bottle mouth from being blocked and to prevent accelerated aging of the glue.

glue station, glue sticker

The glue stick is attached to the glue table to avoid the glue dripping directly on the glue table. The glue is also placed on the glue table. Don’t put glue on the guest’s face!

eyelash station

When grafting, in order to facilitate the clipping of eyelashes, the eyelashes will be placed on the eyelash table and divided into flat curved surfaces. The specific choice can be based on your own habits.

beauty lamp

In order to avoid the light suddenly brightening and dazzling, generally choose an adjustable beauty light

Protective and Disinfecting Equipment

Including masks, sanitizers. Hands and tools are disinfected.

Makeup remover products

Some people bring makeup to the store for grafting, and use makeup remover cotton and other products to remove makeup first.


Before grafting, use a special cleaning solution to clean the eyelashes, not only for cleanliness, but also to make the grafted eyelashes last longer

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eye patch

It is used to isolate the upper and lower eyelashes, so as to avoid the glue sticking the upper and lower eyelashes together during grafting.

adhesive tape

When grafting, it helps to lift the root of the eyelashes. Some people use it to replace the eye patch. In fact, it is not recommended to do this. It will easily hurt the eyes and reduce the experience.


Blow dry eyelashes after grafting


Apply on the root of false eyelashes before grafting eyelashes to make false eyelashes more durable.