Fragrances and Deodorants

Do deodorants really deodorize?

First of all, we need to know the source of our own deodorant odor, whether it is garbage deodorization, farms, chemical plants or household deodorization, so that we can distinguish whether we can use deodorant to deodorize. The deodorant didn’t work either, so that’s not true.

Garbage deodorization can use deodorants to remove odors. In the past, most of the landfill methods were used, but this approach could not cure the odor of garbage. For example, as long as there is garbage in the garbage transfer station in the community, even if it has been cleaned up early the next morning, it will still emit an unpleasant odor. This is because the pollution factors generated by the garbage have been released into the air. The environment of the commercial agglomeration has a great impact. This is when you need to use a deodorant to get rid of the odor.

Deodorizers can also be used to remove odors in farms. Most of the sources of odors in farms are ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other exhaust gas odors produced by livestock and poultry manure and residual feed residues. A deodorant can be used for space spraying. Spray 2-3 times a day, depending on the level of odor. to reduce the concentration of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. This can effectively improve the breeding environment and reduce the incidence of livestock and poultry diseases.

How do deodorants deodorize?

Development and production of deodorant and deodorant
Some general deodorants use aromatic odors to mask odors to achieve the purpose of deodorization, but this does not last long. Another is to use strong adsorption capacity to adsorb odors, which belong to the category of physical reactions. The other is to use the chemical reaction between microorganisms and odors to remove odors through the principles of combination, condensation, decomposition, etc.! become a non-smelling gas. This is different from perfumes and air fresheners. In general, if the home or other indoor environment is a little smelly, only air fresheners are needed. If it involves industrial areas, such as garbage stations, sewage stations, farms, slaughterhouses, exhaust gas In these places of collection, the freshener obviously cannot meet the deodorization requirements. Therefore, at this time, the deodorant is more suitable for deodorization in the industry.

Deodorant is a concentrated liquid product, developed in strict accordance with a scientific formula, to neutralize odors caused by decay of organic matter (garbage, farms, landfills, wastewater treatment, etc.). The deodorant liquid has undergone strict oral and skin non-irritant tests. After inspection, the deodorant effect of the deodorant can reach 98%. Deodorant is a biodegradable agent, without phosphorus, (identified by domestic authorities as non-toxic, non-irritating, non-corrosive, and non-dangerous), it needs to be diluted with water when used, and the dilution ratio is in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions That’s it. It will be reduced according to the actual environment.

After deodorant treatment: the concentration of ammonia gas is reduced by 99%, and the concentration of hydrogen sulfide is reduced by 97%. Effectively improve environmental quality issues and promote green and healthy development.