Baby Care

Did you know that there is a sequence for baby skin care?

Many mothers are skin care experts. They know the relevant steps when doing skin care for themselves, but after having a baby, they don’t know where to start with skin care for the baby. Today, I will tell you seriously.

Baby’s skin care is also in order

Baby skin care routine:

Baby skin care – change diapers first thing in the morning

When I wake up in the morning, I will habitually check the baby’s diaper status. Many mothers will immediately change the baby’s diaper to a new one. This is wrong~

After the baby wakes up, before changing the diaper, be sure to wash the baby’s butt, clean the urine or fecal residues of the night, and apply the diaper cream, and then replace the baby with a new diaper.

Baby skin care – wash your baby’s face

After changing the diaper, you can use a soft cotton towel dipped in warm water to wipe the baby’s face. When wiping the baby’s face, be sure to scrub the baby’s neck. After scrubbing, apply saliva cream and face cream to the baby to keep the baby’s skin moisturised.

Baby skin care – cleaning after feeding

After the baby feeds, you need to scrub the baby’s mouth in time to avoid milk stains or sweating that may cause the baby to cause eczema

Also, spread the word to mothers

Babies’ skin defense function is the most easily damaged part, mothers should look for it and take care of it~

Baby’s chin and mouth

Babies’ chins are often irritated by saliva and food, prone to redness, rough skin, and even eczema. The area around the mouth is the most likely to become dry, and the baby will lick it with the tongue when it is uncomfortable, which is prone to licking dermatitis.

scalp, hairline

Once dry, the skin peels and dandruff occurs. In addition, the scalp is prone to sweating and is also prone to prickly heat.


The baby’s ears are the most prone to eczema and itching, so when the baby is usually dressed and undressed, it is also easy to be scratched and injured by the clothes


There are many skin folds in the baby’s neck that are difficult to clean, and it is easy to hide a lot of dirt. The skin is often red, peeling, and often prickly heat.


There are many sweat glands in this part, which makes it easy to sweat. If you don’t fully dry it after bathing, it is easy to cause skin inflammation.

Skin folds on the joints of the legs and arms

The calves and arms like the lotus root look cute, but the folds here are deep, and it is easy to hide dirt, making the skin red and causing inflammation. The root cause of these skin problems is that the baby’s skin is very thin, and sweat, saliva, and friction can easily cause various injuries. Strengthening skin resistance and reducing external damage is the top priority of mother’s care.