Body Art

Choose face paint carefully, don’t hurt your body for “beauty”

Whether it is a crowd celebrating in a festival or an actor performing on the stage, we can often see some colorful patterns on their faces, which are not only loved by adults, but also many children want to try it. However, many friends could not help but question its safety. This article will introduce you one by one.

In fact, in most cases, the composition of color painting materials is similar to that of inks, coatings and cosmetics, and is mainly composed of color pigments and chemical binders. The difference is that face painting is more environmentally friendly, so the pigments and binders are required to be non-toxic, and the pigments should use plant pigments as much as possible, that is, non-toxic pigments extracted from plants, and use non-toxic resins and solvents, such as water-soluble resins, vegetable oils, etc. Disperse pigments.

The materials used in face painting are mainly composed of the following three components, which are cosmetics, plant pigments, and acrylic paints. Cosmetics mainly use color makeup such as lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc. These materials mainly contain vegetable oils, surfactants and other ingredients. Regular products have reached a safe cosmetic level, so there is almost no harm to the human body. Makeup remover and other products can be easily cleaned.

The second is plant raw materials, which are mainly extracted from parts of plants that contain dyeing components. Due to the different conditions of pigment extraction, process selection and residual impurities, the toxicity of these materials to human body cannot be generalized. It is worth mentioning that some materials will cause some color residues, so cleaning may take some effort.

Acrylic materials are the most common. The so-called acrylic pigment is a new type of pigment that is mixed with acrylic resin, acrylic acid, etc. with pigment particles. Acrylic resin can be modified into hydrophilic or water-soluble resin, which can be diluted and washed with water, but once Water resistant when dry. Although the acrylic material used in ordinary painting has certain toxicity to the human body, the acrylic material used for face painting has reached the cosmetic level, so the toxicity is relatively low and can be ignored. Compared with the other two, this material is more affordable and easy to clean. It can be cleaned with alcohol or wipes containing alcohol.

When choosing a suitable face painting material, in addition to factors such as beauty and price, practicality and safety are also issues that deserve everyone’s attention. For the face painting materials to be selected by actors for stage performances, we can choose water-soluble face paints or use cosmetics instead. Because it is not easy to sweat in this case, there is no makeup on the face painting, and the smell is small, easy to clean, less toxic to the human body, and safer. However, for face painting at outdoor playgrounds and celebrations, cosmetic, cosmetic grade acrylic face painting dyes are recommended. Because these materials are more resistant to sweating than other materials, and are safer and easier to clean.