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“Children’s make-up” is closer to toys, experts do not recommend children to use


Can children use make-up? What should I do if children have adverse reactions after using cosmetics?

It is understood that in my country, children’s cosmetics refer to cosmetics for children under 12 years old (including 12 years old), of which infant cosmetics refer to cosmetics for children under 3 years old (including 3 years old).

Nowadays, many children like makeup, such as applying makeup products such as mother’s lipstick and blush, so are children suitable for makeup? In this regard, Wu Ying, director of the Cosmetics Supervision and Management Division of the Chongqing Municipal Food and Drug Administration, said that for safety and health reasons, it is not recommended for children to use makeup. It is best to apply it on the inside of the forearm for a skin test before use. If you have no allergies, you can use it. After use, thoroughly wash and remove makeup. The person in charge specially reminded that the so-called children’s makeup that is popular on the Internet is closer to toys, and it is not recommended for children to use it.

In response to the adverse reactions of children’s cosmetics that parents are concerned about, experts from the Municipal Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Center suggest that children may experience redness, itching, stinging, or rashes in the eyes during the use of cosmetics. , edema, desquamation, abnormal pigmentation, etc., should be thoroughly cleaned immediately and stop using. If the symptoms are serious or not relieved, you should go to the hospital in time. It is recommended to bring cosmetics (including packaging boxes, purchase receipts, etc.) Adverse reaction report.