Baby Care

Children’s light makeup makeup steps


1. First, apply a layer of skin cream to the baby, spread it evenly, pat it gently, and let the skin absorb.

2. Apply foundation again. If it is liquid foundation, squeeze a little into the palm of your hand, and then gently pat the entire face with your middle and ring fingers. until the end is even. The same is true for other foundations. Gently pat the entire face with the puff, and pat it open by pressing the middle finger against the puff to smudge it little by little. Whether the makeup is good or not, the foundation is the most important, and it must be applied evenly.

3. Let the children close their eyes gently and don’t be nervous. Many children have their eyes closed at this time, their eyelids are wrinkled together, and they cannot apply makeup at all. So before applying eye shadow, you need to relax them and talk about other things to divert their attention. Then use an eyeshadow brush to dip in one of the colors and brush on the child’s upper eyelid. When brushing eye shadow, it also needs to be spread evenly. The area of ​​the brush can be swept according to the eye shape of different people. But it’s best to just paint one color, too many colors will be too complicated.

4. To apply blush, you can use a larger brush to lightly dab a little red eye shadow, then pat lightly on the back of your hand, and when the excess powder on the brush is patted away, you can Gently sweep the child’s cheekbones a few times. If you don’t have a good position, you can also ask the child to smile and swipe on the part of her face where the smile is highest. Note that blush is different from eye shadow, it does not need a very obvious color, just a little red, just like the flushing on the face after exercise.

5. Last lip gloss. Children generally do not like to put things on their lips, and many children dare not close their mouths after applying them. Therefore, when applying lipstick, choose a lip gloss that is more comfortable after applying it. Colors are dominated by light pinks and series.

For makeup people, there is such a general rule for children’s makeup, the smaller it is, the lighter it is, the better not to wear it. In the vast majority of cases, children under the age of three do not need makeup. Children in this age group have delicate and delicate skin, rosy white and red, and make-up looks pretentious. And children who are too young have very fragile skin, which can easily cause skin allergies. Therefore, makeup is generally not advocated. Even if you want to perform on stage, or when you need makeup on some special occasions, children’s makeup should be based on the principle of capturing children’s innocence and cuteness, and do not use adult makeup techniques for makeup. Just add modification, boy makeup is lighter than girl makeup in most cases. It is also very important that the cosmetics used by children have very high quality requirements. Be sure to pay attention to safety, preferably natural ingredients, so as not to harm children’s tender skin.

1. Skin modification; the foundation should be as thin as possible, otherwise it will appear adult. If your skin tone is okay and your face has no blemishes, you can leave out the foundation.

2. Eye modification; the color of the eye shadow should be soft, and the boundaries should be blurred, not too hard. Children with big eyes and deep moving eyes should wear light eye makeup, otherwise it will cause unnecessary exaggeration.

3. eyebrow modification; eyebrows should not be repaired too much, if the eyebrows are sparse and light, you can brush the eyebrows slightly thicker to highlight the natural beauty of children.

4. Modification of cheeks; use pink blush and lightly brush a few times.

5. Lip modification; avoid using bright colors, and it is not necessary to draw the lip shape in the area that can be used, and the color should be chosen to express natural rosy tones; otherwise, the side will lose its innocence.