Beauty Equipment

What are the common home beauty instruments? How to choose a home beauty instrument?

We have heard too many voices about whether the beauty instrument is useful:

They are all tasteless products, and they are all business routines. In fact, they are useless at all.

After using the beauty instrument, there is no need to do medical beauty again, the effect is the same.

So whether these words are true or not, the power circulating in the market is really not to be underestimated.

Today, let’s talk about this home beauty device. Is it useful?

Is everything useful or only some?

Is it comparable to medical aesthetic treatment?

How to choose according to different needs? …

Let’s first talk about the categories of home beauty instruments on the market, and give you an overview.

1.LED: Exideal

2. Microcurrent: Refa, Nuface

3. Ultrasonic vibration beauty instrument: such as Japanese 24k gold bar

4. Radio frequency beauty instruments: such as TriPollar Stop, NEWA, Silkn FaceTite

5. Laser skin rejuvenation instrument: tria, Yikemei skin rejuvenation and beauty instrument

6. Ion type: Yameng

7. Almighty: Zeus

Now there are several categories that can be divided on the market, and I have collected them. It is also the category of the so-called home beauty instrument we are going to talk about today.

What kind of cleaning beauty instruments, such as small bubbles and luna cleaning instruments, are not strictly household beauty instruments, so they are not within the scope of our discussion today. These still belong to a physical cleaning.

What we are going to discuss today is led, microcurrent, radio frequency, laser and the like.

It is to solve the problems of loose skin, fine lines, acne and so on.

After talking about the classification of beauty instruments, let’s talk about whether these beauty instruments are useful?

Come and tell everyone good news!

Useful, they really work!

While useful, they have different functions, and the effects can be strong or weak.

But there are preconditions for this to be useful!

First of all, it must be from a regular factory. You can’t take a brand that you don’t know what it is or a brand that has no technological support, and tell me that it doesn’t work. Isn’t that obvious?

The second is: you have to persevere.

You can’t just use it once a month and say it’s useless, that’s not okay, it’s against the rules of the game.

What is the effect of beauty equipment

Did you breathe a sigh of relief after knowing it was useful? Hurry up and clean up the beauty instrument that has been dusty at home and has not been used for a long time. I think, after the first month of use, you will no longer insist… Haha, woman.

First, let’s talk about the main functions of these beauty instruments as a whole.
LED beauty instrument: anti-inflammatory, repair

Micro-current beauty instrument: to remove edema, lift

Ultrasonic beauty instrument: clean massage to remove edema

Radio frequency beauty instrument: firming and anti-wrinkle, lifting

Laser skin rejuvenation device: shrink pores, firm

Ion type: clean mainly

1. LED type beauty instrument
In fact, the LED type is mainly an effect of visible light repair, which has a better effect on skin inflammation and acne.

The blue light and red light are used more, and now a yellow light is added.

Blue light mainly uses different wavelengths to play different roles, mainly to treat skin inflammation.

The role of red light is mainly to repair, but also has a certain effect of firming the skin.

Yellow light is currently mainly used for sensitive skin, it can improve the self-healing ability of sensitive skin. We all know that the self-healing ability of sensitive skin is weak, and if you accidentally get inflamed and break out, it will be a headache.

Many cute people have asked what is the difference between LED large row lights and small ones.

Generally speaking, a large bar has twice as many bulbs as a small bar and has more functions than a small bar.

Take Exideal large row lights and small row lights as an example, the number of bulbs in the large row lights is 280, and the number of small row lights is 120.

In terms of function, the large light bar has 7 functions and 10 modes, and the small light bar has only 4 functions and 4 modes.

However, the large row of lamps is much heavier than the small row of lamps. If it is taken out for travel, the small row of lamps is more convenient.

In terms of effect, the illumination area and intensity of the large row lights are relatively high, and can be used for the whole body.

However, because it is visible light repair, the disadvantage is that it may make the skin dark, but there is no ultraviolet light, so the degree of blackening is not obvious.

At this time, there may be cute people who will say, then I don’t have to apply sunscreen, kill two birds with one stone!

I am very comforted at this time, you finally know the importance of sunscreen, but at this time, it is not allowed to apply sunscreen!

Because this layer of sunscreen will greatly reduce the effect of your treatment, or even ineffective.


2. Micro-current beauty instrument
It mainly stimulates the skin to tighten through micro-current, and relies on the biomimetic electric current transmitted into the human body by equipment and technology, which can improve the vitality of tissues and cells and repair damaged cells and tissues. At the same time, it removes edema and has a certain lifting effect.

Such as Refa and Nuface.

Generally speaking, these home beauty devices can take effect in a month, but the micro-current beauty device can take effect immediately, and you can see the obvious effect of removing edema, but the maintenance time is short.

So keep at it, my friends! About 20 minutes each time, 4-5 times a week is better. This is the same as fitness. Persistence can be effective. Going once a week is not good.

In addition, I would like to remind everyone that, if you have the following conditions, try not to use the micro-current beauty instrument.

1. Pregnant mothers

2. History of epilepsy or epilepsy

3. Recent surgery

4. Implanted electronic implants (such as pacemakers, etc.)

In case of other special circumstances, it is recommended to consult a professional doctor.

3. Ultrasonic beauty instrument
Ultrasonic beauty instruments mainly use vibration to clean and massage the skin. For the cleaning of the skin, it uses the characteristics of ultrasonic high-frequency vibration and strong penetration to shake out the dirt deep in the skin and achieve the effect of deep cleaning. . Massage is to play a role in de-edema. Such as Japan’s 24k gold bars.

However, there is one thing to pay attention to in the home beauty instrument, that is, master the strength, you can’t move too hard, otherwise the edema will not be removed, but it will make the face more swollen, and it may cause aseptic inflammation. .

But it can’t move too superficially, and it’s not very effective, so when using a home beauty instrument, this is also a small drawback.

It depends on your skin’s tolerance.

4. Radio frequency beauty instrument
In recent years, radio frequency beauty instruments have become very popular, and they are also the most asked by little cuties. This type of beauty instrument is mainly a firming and anti-wrinkle effect.

Radio frequency is actually an electromagnetic wave. When the current passes through the skin, it will cause high-frequency water molecules to vibrate, generating a temperature of 40 ° C ~ 55 ° C in the dermis layer, stimulating collagen to tighten and remodel, and achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation and firming. Can improve wrinkles to a certain extent, such as TriPollar Stop, NEWA, Silkn FaceTite.

At present, the hot radio frequency on the market is mainly divided into: monopolar radio frequency, bipolar radio frequency and multipolar radio frequency.

Monopolar radio frequency generally has only one magnetic head, which is more penetrating, but also more painful. If you buy a monopolar beauty instrument, it is relatively difficult to master and easy to get injured.

The representative machine of monopolar radio frequency is what we often call Thermage.

Multi-polar radio frequency has multiple magnetic heads. Although the penetration power is not as high as that of single frequency, multi-polar radio frequency is more suitable for home beauty instruments, with strong controllability, weak pain, and safer. There are many applications of bipolar radio frequency and multipolar radio frequency. TriPollar Stop, NEWA, Silkn FaceTite are all of these beauty instruments.

The power of home radio frequency is not very large, the heating range is limited, and the heating depth is relatively shallow, that is, in the dermis (if it is a medical radio frequency, the treatment hand is larger, and it can heat the subcutaneous fat), so the safety is high. , and the comfort is also high.

5. Laser skin rejuvenation device
There are two main aspects of laser beauty instruments. One is laser hair removal, which is widely used, and the other is laser skin rejuvenation.

Such as tria, Yi Kemei.

As far as hair removal is concerned, it is usually once a week, and it will be a little painful until it is completely removed.

The other is skin rejuvenation, which stimulates collagen and shrinks pores through laser heat, which is a little weaker than radio frequency such as TriPolla.

In addition, laser skin rejuvenation cannot be done around the eyes, nor can you look directly at it, there is a risk of burns.

6. Ionized beauty instrument
This type of beauty instrument is mainly based on cleaning. Unlike physical cleaning such as luna, it uses ions to complete the import and export process. For example, Yameng that everyone is asking about.

The surface of our skin is negatively charged. If it is imported into the essence, it is the positive charge operation, and the positive and negative attract each other. If you want to export the dirt on the face, it is the negative charge operation, and the negative and negative repel each other.

The all-round beauty instrument is a comprehensive beauty instrument, and the fire Zeus is this type.

However, more and more beauty instruments are now pursuing multi-functions. For example, Zeus has radio frequency and LED mode. However, this type of beauty instrument is easy to cause a burden on the skin because of its many functions. It is recommended to use each function one by one.

Next, I will give you a single suggestion for choosing a beauty instrument.

What type of beauty device is recommended

How to choose a beauty instrument?
Having said so much, I guess the little cuties may ask, what should I choose!

First, look at the needs first. This is for sure. If you have any needs, buy the corresponding beauty instrument.

The second is to look at the machine. At this point, a single machine will be recommended.

For example, it is a radio frequency beauty instrument or an LED beauty instrument.

Comprehensive is to have 2-3 kinds of functions mentioned above at the same time, such as Zeus.

A single beauty instrument will be better in the durability of the machine. To put it bluntly, it does not like to be bad, and it takes a long time. The simpler the project, the longer the machine will last.

Because if it is a comprehensive machine, it will take longer to use each time, and the risk will increase accordingly.

In addition, if you use it for a long time, it will be very difficult for you to persist, right?

This is not to say that the comprehensive beauty instrument is completely blocked. Generally speaking, there is no problem with the life of the beauty instrument for 5 years, but it is also recommended to use one by one when using it, so that the skin also has a process of adaptation, and it is more targeted. some sex.

In addition, I would like to emphasize that if there is an infection on the face, you must not use the beauty device, which may worsen the skin condition. At this time, it is a wise choice to choose blue light for treatment first.

Last but not least, we must choose a large manufacturer, which can not only ensure the safety of the machine, but also make the cost performance higher.

Can home beauty instruments achieve medical beauty effects?

Many people say that the home beauty instrument is a smaller version of the large-scale medical and aesthetic equipment. In fact, it is not true. Although the principle may be the same, in terms of strength and technique, it cannot achieve the effect of medical beauty. The beauty instrument needs to integrate light adjustment and light heat. , There is a certain degree of difficulty in design, so it cannot be compared with medical beauty.

Home beauty equipment can only be used as a daily maintenance. If you really want to achieve an immediately visible and long-lasting effect, it is recommended that you do medical beauty.

This is like cooking by ourselves and cooking by chefs. There are differences in professionalism and safety control.

What are the precautions for the use of home beauty instruments?

First of all, you must pay attention to moisturizing, because after many projects are completed, the face is relatively dry.

Generally speaking, it is okay to use moisturizing, anti-aging, and anti-oxidative ingredients together with the beauty instrument, but it is not recommended to use oily skin care products, as the absorption is too easy to increase the burden on the skin and produce fat particles (not all fat particles are caused by Skin care products are too oily, but skin care products are too oily may cause fat particles).

Another point is that different types of beauty devices target different skin problems, so it doesn’t make much sense to compare which one is better.

Although there are more and more comprehensive beauty instruments, I hope that when choosing a beauty instrument, you should consider the cost-effectiveness of the instrument according to your own needs, instead of buying what is popular on the market, it is easy to make yourself feel Can’t see the effect, can’t stick to it.