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Can elementary school students wear makeup? Parental guidance is more effective than repression


Now, as people’s ideas change, more and more people start to support makeup. Not only do you have to make up yourself, but even your children have to dress up beautifully. We found that many students have joined the makeup trend, and even many elementary school students have begun to do so.

A lot of people are confused by this. I don’t know if it’s good for elementary school students to make up. Are children’s cosmetics really safe for children? How to do it is to really guide the development of children’s aesthetics?


01 Should we support primary school students to wear makeup?
Many hot mom tide dads are very supportive of their children’s makeup, thinking that the makeup is on the child’s own face, and it has nothing to do with others, as long as the child likes it. In addition, many parents have packaged their children’s makeup very tall, euphemistically called it: aesthetic education. But is this really the case?

The primary reason for opposing makeup for primary school students is that primary school students have sensitive skin and are very prone to allergies to cosmetics. Primary school students are still in the growth stage of the body, the facial sebaceous glands have not yet matured, and the resistance to bacteria and viruses is relatively poor. In addition, most cosmetics are mainly designed for adults, and the rough particles will abrade children’s skin, leaving children’s skin lacking in fineness and elasticity.

It’s like a parent took their child to take pictures before. Before going out, he wanted to put makeup on the child on a whim. In the end, in less than a few hours, the photo was beautiful, but the child’s face was red, swollen and inflamed. was sent directly to the hospital.

In addition to causing damage to the skin, makeup for primary school students will psychologically make them pay too much attention to the outside and become more and more vain. Many children choose to wear makeup in order to attract the attention of others. It is true that people have the need to gain respect and recognition from others, but the satisfaction of this need depends more on hard work and their own inner qualities, rather than excessive decoration on the outside. . If a child is exposed to makeup at a very young age, and parents do not have proper guidance, the child is likely to pay too much attention to the outside and ignore the development of inner self-cultivation. In the end, it can only be superficial and become more and more vain.

In fact, the matter of putting on makeup for elementary school students should also be viewed in two. Although makeup will have adverse effects on children’s body and mind, it is undeniable that makeup has made many children more confident and know how to respect them better. other people. But overall, makeup for primary school students does more harm than good, because after all, the main task of children is to learn and grow.


02 When a child wants to wear makeup, parental guidance is actually more effective than suppression
Many parents have realized the dangers of their children’s makeup, so when children show curiosity about makeup, these parents generally choose to suppress their children.

There is a recent news about parents who are overly suppressing their children: a primary school student went to MINISO to buy eyebrow pencils and lipsticks over the weekend. After returning home, her mother found out, and then her mother turned on the irritable mode, right The daughter beat and scolded again, saying that her daughter was a prostitute and learned to spend money to dress up at a young age. Later, the child ran away from home because of a conflict with his mother. Finally, with the help of the police, the child’s parents searched for two days before they found the trace of their daughter.

This kind of simple suppression actually has a huge impact on children. Instead of agreeing with it, children will become more rebellious. Therefore, when it comes to children’s makeup, parents should guide rather than blindly block it.

When hearing children say to themselves: I want to try makeup, parents should send two messages to their children.

The first message is to tell children that the love of beauty exists in everyone. When children grow up, the seeds of natural beauty will germinate, but some children appear early, and some children appear late. Mom and Dad, tell your children that it is not shameful to love beauty, and everyone will have a love for beauty. Let children face the matter of beauty, children can form a more correct aesthetic.

The second message is to tell children that learning should be the priority. If the child wants to learn makeup, the mother must first declare that the child is still young, and the main task is to learn. Although the mother can teach you how to make up, you can’t be addicted to it, and it will not be too late when you grow up. We’ve found that the more mothers don’t teach their kids how to make up, the more they learn to do it themselves. Therefore, the mother simply teaches the child directly, but it should be noted that there are three chapters of the law with the child before teaching, and the child’s learning is the main task. In this way, the child will not only master the skills of makeup, but also more willing to listen to the mother’s words and study hard.


03 Behind the makeup of children is the lack of aesthetic education
In fact, in Korea or Japan, it is very common for children to wear makeup, and although many children occasionally wear makeup, it will not affect their academic performance at all. Let’s take a look at our education again, still at the step of worrying that children’s makeup will affect their learning.

Behind the makeup of children, we can also see that our children really lack aesthetic education. How lacking is it? Take a simple example.

Speaking of the most popular convenience facilities in China, it may be the rocking cart for children to entertain at the entrance of the commissary department. Not to mention how ugly these rocking carts are scribbled and scribbled, as long as you start it, you will hear a brainwashing song What is Dad’s Dad’s name… In the community, we will also see various residents’ Uncivilized behavior: spitting, doodling. Clean and tidy neighborhoods are smothered in smoke. Our children growing up in such an environment really makes us sweat on their aesthetic ability.

Therefore, as parents, we should pay attention to the education of children’s aesthetics. Teach children what true beauty is. On weekdays, parents should pay attention to the cultivation of children’s aesthetics, and consciously and often discuss with children what beauty is.

However, it should be noted that children are likely to have their own opinions and views on beauty. As parents, we should encourage children to have their own views, and respect children’s views when they are consistent with the general aesthetic trend of society. In short, the principle is to let children realize that the beauty of appearance is beauty, but only as icing on the cake. True beauty is inner self-cultivation. In addition, parents should also guide their children to read the growth experiences of some outstanding women, so that children can deepen their understanding of beauty through reading.

Heart of beauty in everyone. For children’s makeup, parents should guide and seize this opportunity to cultivate children’s aesthetic ability. As the saying goes: only children who have seen beauty can see the essence of life. There are nine out of ten things in life that are unsatisfactory, but people who are good at discovering and appreciating beauty are more able to respect life and live happily.

Therefore, aesthetic education is urgent, and aesthetic education is imminent. I hope parents can pay enough attention to this.