Body Art

Body oil painting is the most exquisite creation, the feminine and gentle expression is full of spirituality!

The human body can be called the most beautiful collection in the world now. In the course of the continuous evolution of life, natural baptism has shaped our human beings to perfection. In the history of world art, we can easily find that body art occupies a large proportion. The greatest beauty of the human body is that its essence can be called a mirror that makes us in ourselves. culture

1. Our choice of light and different understandings
From primitive to modern, we can find a common feature from the comparison of historical relics in the past and traditional Chinese and foreign cultures, that is, we humans usually obtain certain artistic inspiration through some of our own bodies. Some of the sculptures and the portraits on some of the traditional murals of our country can see the characteristics of this aspect. Our human history sees some beautiful things by discovering and seeing from ourselves, and also recognizes beauty from this environment. Therefore, no matter which country the art academies are in, body art is regarded as a compulsory subject, as long as practitioners in this field or some art lovers need to go through this experience. There are two parts in the creation process of human body oil painting, one part is composition and the other part is light and shadow, and it also includes some structures and edges.

From the practical application of composition and light and shadow, we can find that these light and shadow effects are extremely necessary. Our artistic creation work is inseparable from these, and we need to discover them through some observations from an artistic point of view. Using rules and techniques, these light and shadow effects must be used when we draw human works. It is unavoidable. Those completely opposite lights can make our artworks generate completely different artistic effects.

In the artistic creations of the famous foreign painters about the human body, we can see their skillful use of light and shadow, so that their works can achieve perfect artistic results. Top light: In this regard, we must talk about the light inside the building. The top light inside the building is completely different from the direct sunlight that we see outside the building. Top light is not effective in generating strong shadows. The range of its light values ​​is not so large, and the difference will not be so obvious when it changes. We often have the feeling that when the light shines on the human body, the part that receives the light will appear a lot colder. Our artificial light is like the direct sunlight in the outside space, we usually use spotlights so that we can choose a variety of different angles according to our needs. In this way, the light it illuminates on the human body will have a strong color reflection, and it is also easier to operate, making the pictures presented by these works of art more appealing.

Second, we need to follow the composition principles and skills
When we are creating art, we need to compose the picture, and the first task of composition is to effectively attract the audience’s attention, and the second is to let the audience area pay attention to some very important areas in the work; finally, how to Only then can our works be sufficiently attractive to the audience. Composition is an extremely important part of our artistic creation. Even if we draw the same human body, we need to adopt different composition methods, because only in this way can we effectively express some of the connotations. Therefore, all indicators in body painting need to have a certain enough temperament. What we’re after is some simpler and more expressive compositions.

In dealing with some structures of the human body and the processing of some edges, we need to firmly use the structure and the flexible use of the four parts of shape, color and composition. We must clearly know that these four parts are actually internal. In China Unicom, as long as any one of the key points is not grasped well, the effects of other aspects will not be able to be effectively manifested. We need to be able to create a very precise body, not only to know how to effectively use light and shade and color edges, but also to master some knowledge of human anatomy like medical students, which has a certain effect on our artistic work. . In this way, the various works of art we create can draw those works of art that are enough for everyone to appreciate. Otherwise, our works are just superficial skins, and we cannot grasp the real connotation. If there is a certain displacement of the art model, even those subtle movements will cause some changes in the human body. What we need to know is that no matter what kind of art style and genre of art works, they all also need to have a certain understanding of human anatomy.

3. Handling of sidelines
The edge line has an important position in the human body oil painting. Edges usually appear in those joints with completely different shapes, different shades, and different colors. No matter what shape it is, whether it is large or small, it has edges. Handling requires great attention. It cannot be handled at will, but requires a certain amount of effort to handle it properly. There is also a difference between soft and hard edges. Whether it is soft or hard is directly related to the degree of change between different blocks. And we can know that the sidelines can not only fully express the softness of the human body but also the strength of men when painting the body.

Fourth, the processing of color
If an artist does not pay enough attention to color, and only cares about those images one-sidedly, then the works created in this way must be lacking and incomplete. In a strict sense, we need to be able to know that these colors can express some of the colors we have observed and seen after being processed by our own art. If the relationship between the colors we use can be reasonable, then the expressiveness of our works is also in line with the requirements. In fact, the light source has a very obvious role in promoting the creation of those that are more natural and harmonious. After a certain period of observation, we will find that the cold and warm colors are not absolute, but will change with the change of light. Therefore, we need to understand the internal laws of change.

In short. We can see the importance of the artistic treatment of body oil painting creation to sketching and creating body art works. This basic formula of oil painting is indispensable in the art forms of many styles, from classicism to the present. From Matisse, Picasso, Dali, Kandinsky to the present, Freud and Balthus and other foreign modern art masters, in their works, the artistic treatment of these paintings is everywhere in their works. use in. If we correctly learn and master these techniques, it will be of great help to us no matter what style and genre of art we create.