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Body Cleansing – Bath Oil

When shopping online, you will often see bath oil, which may be a little strange to everyone.

But in fact, bath oils are more popular in Europe. As early as in ancient Rome and Greece, nobles began to use bath oils to care for their bodies.

It has only become popular with us in the last few years.

[So what is a bath oil? ]

In fact, there is no difference between bath oil and body wash. All are used for bathing.

But the effects of the two are completely different.

Because the main ingredient of shower gel is water, there are a lot of preservatives in addition to surfactants, and after people use it, there will be problems of acne, dry skin, and if the residue is not washed, the body will be slippery uncomfortable.

But bath oil is not. Its main ingredient is oil, and it does not contain preservatives except for surfactants and emulsifiers. After bathing with bath oil, the skin will feel slippery after washing, but this feeling is the tenderness of the skin, not the fake slippery feeling.

Therefore, when rinsing, you do not need to rinse until it is not slippery, but rinse it until it does not foam or whiten, because the slippery feeling is due to the oil film left behind when the bath oil takes away the dirt. The oil film can protect us. skin, nourish our skin!

Bath oils can also remove sunscreen from our bodies, which shower gels can’t do at all!

[So what is the composition of the bath oil? ]


The main ingredient of bath oil is oil, but its oil is not a chemically processed oil such as mineral oil or silicone oil, but a pure natural vegetable oil, which is generally extracted directly from plants, which is relatively green, safe, and good for the skin. Mild, and vegetable oils also have certain skin care effects, such as our common jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, etc. are common skin care ingredients in cosmetics.

There are also synthetic oils, usually caprylic capric triglyceride, which is a palm oil/coconut oil derivative and is extracted by thermal fractionation. It is a good moisturizing oil without any harm to the skin.

In addition, there is also a particularly popular bath oil ingredient now, sweet almond oil, which is rich in omega-6, which can repair the skin’s water and oil film, and can also play a role in improving skin elasticity and firmness.

[What kind of skin is suitable for use? ]

Bath oil is most suitable for dry skin partners. The biggest advantage of bath oil is moisturizing, which can nourish the skin and reduce peeling.

But it is also completely ok for oily skin, because the vegetable oil in the bath oil will emulsify when it meets water, and there will be no greasy feeling during use. It does not directly paste a layer of oil on your body, so oily skin can also use it with confidence!

But, not all bath oils are suitable for oily skin, because some bath oils are not high enough in vegetable oils, and also add a lot of mineral oils, which are more difficult to clean, and the greasy feeling after use is also heavier, oily skin Not suitable to use. The key point is that the higher the vegetable oil content, the more suitable the bath oil is for oily skin! Be careful when choosing a bath oil for oily skin.

[Bath oil with high vegetable oil content]