Beauty Equipment

Beauty salon equipment purchase and beauty salon decoration micro-guide!


In addition to basic facilities such as beauty beds, basic instruments such as fat measuring instruments and skin testers can be purchased by yourself, and functional instruments such as photorejuvenation instruments must be selected according to their own customer base and positioning, and they must also be selected according to regions and regions. Funding conditions determine what equipment to enter. When purchasing the instrument, pay attention to set the training conditions and time with the manufacturer, and request to provide suitable candidates for professional operation training. Do not pay the full amount until the training is completed.

Essential beauty tools. Disinfection cabinets for tools, probes for removing blackheads, eyebrow pliers, etc.

Beauty Supplies. The choice of the product should be decided after visiting and trial, with safety and effectiveness as the standard.

Nowadays, many well-known beauty salons have begun to pay attention to the use of towels. Not only the towels purchased must be very comfortable, but also the layout of towels has begun to be integrated into the entire room in terms of aesthetic design. in environmental art. From a psychological point of view, colors are divided into weight, cold and warm. Warm colors such as red, orange, and gold tend to give people a warm feeling, while cool colors such as green and blue tend to give people a cool feeling. When matching bedding, beauty salons should take into account the lightness and weight of the color and the difference between cold and warm, and the light and heavy, cold and warm should be balanced.

The placement of product display cabinets is very important. Not only do customers often visit the display cabinets, but to a certain extent, the display cabinets can also display the characteristics and strength of the beauty salon.

Therefore, the placement of display cabinets must make customers feel comfortable and convenient, increase customers’ experience, and improve customers’ desire to buy. The design of the product showcase should match the environment. Whether it is color or shape and area, these details must be considered in place.

The curtains of beauty salons include curtains for windows and curtains for accessories in the indoor environment; the curtains are the most important part, and the selection principle of curtains is mainly defined by color. The decoration environment of beauty salons should be equipped with warm-colored curtains as much as possible. Make the whole environment more warm; the accessories curtains in the indoor environment usually have the effect of separating the space and beautifying the vision.

European-style curtains are mostly made of two calm colors, gold or wine red, to show the luxury of the space. Some fabric designers will use some kaki colors, browns, etc. for matching, and then match them with lace with beads to enhance the gorgeousness of the curtains.