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How to choose the best brand of semi-permanent varnish?

Previously, we have known the criteria for selecting semi-permanent varnishes. But do you know how to choose the best brand of semi-permanent varnish? In this blog, your nail supply expert Maryton will tell you the answer. Read on!

To better choose the brand of semi-permanent varnish that could suit you, here are some criteria to take into account:


Most brands offer a wide selection of color palettes, with gloss, matte, or glitter variations. If you are looking for a specific varnish color or shade, you might as well go for a particular brand as well.

Bottle sizes

There may be miniature versions, like standard sizes. It really depends on your usage. But most brands have miniature or standard bottles.


Choose a brand that has a good reputation among consumers. The one that is used the most certainly has a good reputation. Don’t hesitate to ask your beautician for advice or see some opinions on the Internet.

OK! You have know how to choose the best brand of semi-permanent varnish, take your manicure sets into action now! Looking forward to seeing your new manicure!

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