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Bath brushes have a big bottom. The whole strategy of bath brushes in the market, the problems that are often ignored when buying bath brushes

Excessive oil secretion, frequent acne on the back, unsmooth skin, cellulite… An easy-to-use bath brush can effectively exfoliate joints, control oil secretion, improve frequent acne, and make the skin smooth and delicate fair.

But there are so many bath brushes on the market, what kind of bath brush is really a good bath brush? We bought almost every bath brush available on the market and just wanted to tell you one thing, what makes a good bath brush really good.

There are more than two brushes

We have selected 10 representative bath brush products from brands to conduct this evaluation for you~

01-Natural animal hair is more suitable for body cleaning than man-made fibers

Of the 10 brands that use man-made fibers, 3 are not specialized in bathroom products. The polypropylene and nylon bath brushes feel soft when not wet, but feel uncomfortable when wet.

The silicone bath brush may be more suitable for use as a massager

There are two main types of natural animal hair, bristle and horse hair, which soften when wet. Compared with pig bristles, horse hair is softer to the touch, suitable for people with very sensitive bodies, because it is very dense and takes a long time to dry. After getting wet, some people will feel that the cleaning power is not enough, as the saying goes, it is not (děi) power.

Bristle and Horsehair Blended Bath Brushes vs Fully Handmade Horsehair Bath Brushes

02- The quality control of bristles comes from the length of hair and the amount of miscellaneous hair
They are all bristle bath brushes, how come the price difference is so big? The length of the brush bristles determines whether it is a bath brush or a shoe brush.

How to find a moderate length is very important for a bath brush, moderate softness and hardness, and can ensure cleaning power. A 1mm difference will bring about a huge difference in usage experience. If the hair is too short, it will be like a shoe brush, with great strength; the longer it is, the softer it will feel.

Inexpensive Short Hair Bath Brush

Most expensive long-haired bath brush

Let alone the amount of hair.

Even if the treasure animal pig is white, there will be hair of different colors. But a girl who pursues beauty must have requirements for the final appearance of the bath brush. The screening side of the miscellaneous hair reflects the craftsmanship of the bath brush.

A lot of black hairs give people a really bad impression

03-Brush handle material: pure wood feels good, spliced ​​wood
The documentary “The Fruits of Life” tells the story of an old couple who walked together through a lifetime. When the architect’s grandfather insisted on using only wooden tableware, he said that wood is warmer than artificial steel and plastic.

This is indeed the case. When wood encounters water, heat and cold, it will shrink and expand to varying degrees, as if living with you and breathing together. The wood used for the handle of the bath brush should be hydrophilic, not easy to crack, and not easy to mold. Beech and cypress are some of them.

beech wood handle

Brush handles made of bamboo splices tend to smell like glue, crack and mold easily.

Oak wood handle, cracked after just a few uses

04-The core of good skin feel: slope punch
Whether the bath brush is comfortable to use and whether it is scratched or not is not only related to the quality of the bristles itself, but also closely related to the hair planting process. Properly angled and inclined hair planting can make the skin more susceptible to stress, not only comfortable, but also has better cleaning power.

The angle of the inclined hole must be carefully looked at. Too oblique, the bristles are easy to leak out, and the hair loss is very annoying.

Super oblique oblique cutting, there is a lot of floating hair, and the hair is leaking after a brush

A brush with no slope at all will not work on the human body, and there may be other uses that are more suitable for it.

No slope, feel like brushing a pot, not in a warm bath

The skin of Asians is more delicate and softer than that of Europeans and Americans, and cannot withstand the use of rough bath brushes. A bath brush that has enough cleaning and massaging effects is very important for delicate oriental boys and girls.

just right slope

Taking a bath is a time to get rid of anxiety and self-imposed exile. Giving yourself a good bath brush is a very worthwhile endeavor. I hope this article can help you choose your favorite and comfortable bath brush, and make every bath a precious treat.