Baby Care

Baby skin care minefield, how many have you stepped on?

Every baby is born, Mom and Dad will be very happy and will attach great importance to it. Every family wants to give the baby the best things, whether it is the baby’s health, skin care, and daily wear.

Especially now for baby skin care, since childhood, almost no mothers do not know the importance of baby skin care. But when it comes to baby skin care, are you really doing it right? Today, I will take everyone to avoid pits, and see how much you stepped on?

Baby skin care minefield – breast milk face wash

Breast milk is rich in nutrients and is the best food for babies. However, some young mothers have a lot of milk. They like to smear the milk on the baby’s face after breastfeeding. They think that this will make the baby’s skin white and delicate. the result will backfire

1 Breast milk is rich in nutrients and is a good medium for bacterial growth and reproduction. In addition, the baby’s facial skin is particularly delicate and the blood vessels are extremely rich. If breast milk is applied, the bacteria will easily settle down and multiply, and will take advantage of the weakness and invade the pores.

2 At the beginning, it will cause the baby’s facial skin to be flushed, and soon turn into small blisters and then purulent. If not treated in time, it will fester and form scars, destroying the baby’s appearance.

3 If it is summer, the milk will also be rotten and smelly, which is very unsanitary.

Baby skin care minefield – do not do sunscreen for babies

The baby’s skin is delicate, and in the face of the scorching sun, the baby’s delicate skin will be prone to sunburn, redness, red spots and even itching, all of which are caused by ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it is very necessary for children to pay attention to sun protection from an early age.

10-1 years old: You can use umbrellas, sun hats, eyes, sunscreen clothing, etc. for sun protection. At the same time, pay attention to the time to go out and avoid going out during the time of strong ultraviolet rays (10-14 o’clock);

Over 21 years old: You can buy some baby sunscreens for sun protection. When purchasing, you can pay attention that only SPF15 is required for daily sun protection when you go out. If you go to places with strong sunshine, such as the beach, you can consider products with SPF25 or above.

3 When purchasing baby sunscreen products, you can choose some baby sunscreens with moisturizing effect, so as to avoid sun exposure and dry skin

Baby skincare minefield – using traditional diapers

Many mothers believe that the traditional cotton diapers absorb sweat, which is more suitable for the baby’s skin than the diapers, so that the baby can adapt more quickly, but this is not the case.

1 Traditional diapers have poor water absorption. If the mother does not change the diaper in time, the urine and stool in the diaper will adhere to the baby’s butt for a long time, resulting in the baby’s red butt or eczema. Choose dry and dry diapers, usually change every 2 hours or so, the baby’s ass is more dry

2 Traditional diapers are used repeatedly, and improper cleaning can breed bacteria. Disposable diapers are thrown away after wearing to avoid bacterial growth.

3. The traditional diapers have poor fit, and the baby is prone to leakage of urine when walking or going out. The diaper will fit the baby better. As long as it is worn correctly, there is no worry of leakage.

Baby skincare minefield – overuse of talcum powder

Some mothers often use too much talcum powder to keep the baby’s skin dry in order to prevent the baby from drowning the neck, underarms or thighs. A small amount can be used, but not too much.

1. You don’t need to apply talcum powder to the whole body 360 degrees without dead ends, as long as you apply some key parts to get the effect

2. It is recommended to use body lotion instead of powdery body powder to avoid powdery powder that is easy for the baby to inhale into the mouth and nose

3 If you have a baby girl at home, you must pay attention, do not use powder on the child’s genitals and inner thighs

4. No matter what form and material of talcum powder, as long as the skin has trauma, it must not be used

Summer is coming, and baby’s skin care is the top priority. Moms must be careful and avoid stepping on the pit~