Baby Care

Baby care “nine do not”, how much do novice parents know?

Newborn babies are as immature and fragile as the flowers that have just spit stamens. For new parents, new parents are prone to problems such as being in a hurry when taking care of their children due to their inexperience. The following nine dos and don’ts for newborn baby care, new parents must understand!

Do not pinch the newborn’s face

Many parents pinch their mouths with their hands when giving medicines to their children because their children are reluctant to take them. Sometimes parents also like to pinch the baby’s face when they are playing with their children, which is not right. Infants’ parotid glands and parotid ducts will drool when squeezed, and even induce diseases such as oral mucositis.

Do not use laundry detergent for newborn clothes

The main ingredient of washing powder is sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate. After this substance enters the human body, it has a strong inhibitory effect on the activity of amylase and pepsin in the human body, which is easy to cause poisoning. If it is not washed cleanly, it will cause harm to the newborn.

Do not put new clothes directly on the newborn

Newly bought clothes must be washed with a mild detergent before wearing, and cotton clothes must be bought larger so that they fit properly after shrinking. The reason why you need to wash before wearing is to wash off the residue of bleach and other dyes in the new clothes, so as not to irritate the delicate skin of the newborn.

Do not cut newborn eyelashes

Some young mothers, in order to make their children more beautiful, like to cut off the eyelashes of their children, thinking that this will make the eyelashes grow longer. In fact, the lifespan of an eyelash is only about 90 days. Cutting the eyelashes will not only make the eyelashes grow longer, but also affect the physical and mental health of children.

Eyelashes have the function of protecting the eyes, which can prevent dust and other substances from directly entering the eyes. After the eyelashes are cut off, they lose their protective effect, and the eyes are easily eroded, causing various eye diseases.

Don’t keep baby dandruff for long

Dandruff, the black scab on the top of a newborn’s head. Some people think that dandruff, although unsightly, has the effect of protecting the fontanelle. In fact, keeping dandruff is more harmful than beneficial. Because dandruff is the accumulation of secretions, sebum and dust on the scalp. Instead of protecting the fontanelles, it affects the growth and physiology of the scalp. Therefore, dandruff should be cleaned for newborns in time.

Don’t put flowers in your newborn’s bedroom

In addition to their pollen that may cause allergies to babies, some flowers also contain toxins. For example, the juice of cactus is poisonous, and its thorns can cause inflammation if the thorn pierces the skin. It will be poisoned quickly after eating; cloves and jasmine have a strong fragrance and may cause allergic reactions. Therefore, flowers should not be placed in the baby’s bedroom.

Do not slap the back of the baby’s head or back

In the spinal canal of the back of the brain and the vertebrae, there are central and spinal nerves. If the back of the child’s head and back are beaten forcefully, pressure and vibration will be generated, which will easily damage the child’s central nervous system. Therefore, the back of the child’s head and back should not be beaten too hard.

Do not bathe your baby too often

The stratum corneum of the newborn’s skin is soft and thin, rich in blood vessels, and has a very strong absorption capacity. If you bathe too frequently or use medicated soap or strong alkaline soap, the oil on the surface of the skin will be removed, thereby reducing the skin’s defense function. Therefore, frequent baby showers should be avoided.

Don’t Trim Your Baby’s Nails

During fetal life, the child’s nails have grown to the edges of the fingers. The baby’s skin is delicate. If you find scratches on your baby’s body, you should trim your baby’s nails in time to prevent the baby from scratching himself.

Newborns cannot speak, and parents need to observe carefully and take care of them carefully. If the care is not proper, it will bring many adverse effects to the growth and development of newborns. Therefore, it is necessary for novice parents to learn scientific nursing knowledge and take good care of their babies in a meticulous manner.