Beauty Equipment

An article that takes you to know about home beauty equipment

1. Ultrasonic beauty instrument

Sound waves with a vibration frequency higher than 20,000 Hz are called ultrasonic waves. Ultrasound has strong mechanical energy, and the energy transmitted by its high-frequency vibration can clean the surface of the skin. There are also studies that ultrasound can promote the absorption of nutrients by the skin and has a massage effect on the skin. Since low-energy ultrasonic waves will not cause damage to the skin, it is possible to use an ultrasonic beauty instrument. However, the effect of ultrasonic beauty equipment needs more research evidence.

Second, the breast massager

In general, massage has a certain effect on breast enhancement. On the one hand, it stimulates the nervous system, and on the other hand, it can promote blood circulation and enable the chest to obtain nutrients. However, breast development mainly depends on hormonal regulation, and the congenital factors are very large, so even if massage is effective, it is unlikely to achieve amazing changes. If massage could enlarge breasts, there would not be so many breast enlargement surgeries.

3. Negative pressure blackhead suction instrument

An instrument that uses vacuum suction to generate negative pressure, so that blackheads are squeezed by surrounding tissues and surfaced on the skin surface.

Blackheads or whiteheads that have been softened by soaking and are close to the skin surface can be sucked out with an instrument; but for stubborn blackheads (especially hard particles), it cannot help. If suction is strong, it may cause local telangiectasia. Red papules form. Since the cause of blackheads is still unknown, this is only a palliative method.

4. Optical hair growth helmet

There is still no consensus in the academic community about its effectiveness, and based on the principle, it may be useful for hair follicles that are not completely atrophied. The helmet emits light of a certain wavelength (not necessarily a laser), on the one hand, it can inhibit the excessive secretion of sebum; on the other hand, it can stimulate the blood circulation of the hair root, so that the hair root can obtain more abundant nutrition, promote hair growth, and some stimulate the scalp capillaries by stimulating the hair root. The principle of the products that the blood vessels achieve the effect of hair growth is similar.

5. Gold massage stick

The popularity of gold massage sticks began in a variety show in Taiwan. The power of gold was rendered very mysterious, attracting countless people to buy it, but the reputation was not good.

The bad is natural, and there is little evidence that massaging the skin with gold will do any good. The beauty, face-lift, firming, detoxification, wrinkle reduction, under-eye bags and dark circles functions promoted by merchants are not credible. Of course, this little stick can vibrate, and vibrating massage is not without any effect on the skin, but the name of gold is nothing more than a good price.

Six, home laser hair removal device

The US FDA has approved the listing of small household laser hair removal devices, and its effect has also been confirmed by clinical experiments. This is a low-energy version of the professional laser hair removal device in beauty hospitals. This type of hair removal device does little damage, and the hair removal effect is not so amazing, but experiments have confirmed that it can significantly thin and weaken the hair, and it takes a long time to see the effect after repeated use.

Seven, household cold spray machine

Sensitive skin or the skin is in a state of inflammation, allergies, or the emotions are in a state of excitement, or when the environment is too hot, the surface temperature of the skin will rise, and the small blood vessels will open to dissipate heat, resulting in facial redness and expansion of red blood. Spraying machine to cool down is a good choice.

The secretion of sebum is affected by temperature, and perhaps the cooling effect of the cold spray machine can inhibit the secretion of sebum to a certain extent.

Eight, nano atomization water replenishment instrument

This is a compact hydrating device that uses the principle of ultrasonic to atomize water, which can improve the humidity and skin moisture in the local microenvironment. Think of it as a portable humidifier, but it won’t be as magical, and it’s fine for emergency use. However, the focus of moisturizing should be to improve the skin barrier and improve the environmental humidity in a wider range.

Nine, Papa Music

Papa is actually a small sponge with a handle that is used to gently tap the skin. It can’t be said that there is no benefit to swiping the skin, it can actually be flicked with your fingers. Applying a pat on a larger area, but patting too hard can cause skin redness or aggravate inflammation, and consume more toner.

10. Handheld phototherapy device and LED mask

Different wavelengths of light do have an effect on the skin. At present, red and blue light are mainly used on the market, but the irradiation must reach a certain intensity to be effective. The energy provided by the hand-held product and the intensity of the large area of ​​the fist are not known. Some product promotions and reviews seem to be contrary to common sense, such as 9 days for blemish reduction and 2 weeks for wrinkle removal.

Red light can penetrate deep into the dermis and stimulate fibroblast activity: blue light has a photodynamic effect. However, no matter red light or blue light, it can also stimulate the synthesis of melanin. The phototherapy instrument may be used, but it should be well controlled.

Eleven, warm eye patch

Encapsulate polar materials (such as beans, etc.) in a cloth bag and heat them in a microwave oven; or heat the thermal insulation material with electricity and apply it around the eyes, which can make people emotionally stable, promote blood circulation around the eyes, and relieve eye fatigue. Vascular dark circles have a set effect.

Twelve, face brush

The cleaning effect of the facial brush comes from mechanical friction, and whether it is safe or not depends on the user’s skin condition and how to use it. Since the bristles are very thin, they can touch the skin lines and hair follicles that cannot be touched by the hand, so it can have a good cleaning effect, whether it is reciprocating vibration or circular rotation. The reciprocating vibration has a smaller frictional force than the circular type due to the smaller range of motion of the bristles, which is relatively mild. Some cleaning brushes are called ultrasonic cleaning or sonic cleaning in the publicity. From the technical data, the vibration frequency of the cleaning brush per minute is about 300 times, so it cannot be considered as ultrasonic, and it is difficult to say that it is using sound waves for cleaning.

Suitable for skin type:

Aging skin with thick stratum corneum, true acne-prone skin, T-zone combination skin, oily skin without barrier damage, can use a face wash. (Considering the renewal cycle of the skin, it is not necessary to use it too frequently, and it is enough to use it once or twice a week.)

Sensitive skin, inflammatory skin, dry skin, face wash is not recommended.

Normal skin, neutral skin, it can be used or not, it is better not to use it, and it should be used sparingly.

The brush head is divided into sponge and fine hair. Because the thicker the hair, the stronger the friction force, so the bristles of different diameters and shapes have been developed to suit different needs. However, this only reduces the intensity of the cleaning, the principle remains the same. With a sponge brush head, in addition to the friction force, the suction force (capillary action) is also increased. Also because of its strong cleaning function, the brush can touch small depressions, and with stronger cleaning power, you should be especially vigilant against excessive cleaning caused by improper use.

The friction between the face brush and the skin is affected by pressure. The tighter the brush head is on the skin, the greater the friction and the stronger the exfoliation, so please don’t press too hard. If there is a publicity saying that the brush head does not need to touch the skin at all, then please wash your face by hand.

To remove makeup, especially heavy makeup, a cleanser is a good helper, and it does help with cleaning. However, sunscreen and light makeup may not necessarily require the use of a brush.

Thirteen, face steamer

Can use. There are two types of face steamers: cold steam and hot steam. The former is equivalent to a humidifier. The water is atomized by ultrasonic waves and then scattered into the air, which can increase the air humidity. The latter is equivalent to a sauna, which generates hot water vapor by heating. , Winter use can not only improve skin moisture content, but also promote blood circulation. Adding some essential oil pure dew inside can also adjust the atmosphere of the room. Sensitive and inflammatory skins are advised to use hot steam with caution.

14. N2000 Beauty Instrument

Essentially, it’s a shaker + warmer + cooler. Combined with the cleansing function of a cotton pad, it utilizes the mechanical friction effect of vibration, and its cooling effect may help reduce sebum secretion. This beauty instrument will have a certain effect on the skin, but it may not be an artifact.