Bath Products

Always out of reach after taking a shower? Teach you a trick, comfortable and easy to rub your back without asking for help

Now the living standard is getting higher and higher, and people pay more attention to personal hygiene, especially now many people have to take a bath every day, whether it is to take a bath after get off work or go out, and then sleep comfortably, it is estimated that It is the most enjoyable day of the day, but there will be a problem, if we live alone, it is difficult to reach our back when we take a bath at home, because our arms are not that long, and we If you don’t clean the back for a long time, it will become very dirty, and sometimes it will become very itchy, so today, I will introduce a few small objects to you, and then solve your embarrassment.

The first model is this long-handled bath brush. We can know that it is actually similar to the massager we usually use, because its handle is very long, so we will compare it when we use it. It is convenient, it can help us reach any place on the back, and even some dead corners can be wiped clean for us, and then after we use, if we need to use shower gel, we can put it on this bath A little bit of body wash, and then he also helps us spread it evenly on the back.

If you don’t want to work hard, then let’s get an upgraded electric bath brush. It is an absolute savior for lazy people. 360-degree automatic rotation improves cleanliness. High-frequency rotation opens pores to clean dirt. Sweat, sebum, and dust on the body are cleaned, exfoliating, and preventing clogging of pores.

The second one is a bath towel and a bath sponge. This bath towel has different double-sided silicone textures, and one side can be used as a bath brush. It uses a 1cm-long silicone brush head, which is tightly bristled to rub ash and mud, and has rich foaming. . The hemispherical design on the back of the other side massages and activates the meridians. While cleaning the skin, massage can promote blood circulation, which can relax the muscles and activate the collaterals. It can bring SPA-level bathing enjoyment to the back skin~